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My Accutane Experience

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Well, I've been on accutane since July. Before I went on it I had mild but persistent acne but never had a problem with scarring. My Derm put me on 40mg's a day and the initial breakout for me was disastrous. He went into damage control cutting me back to 20mg's every second day and prescribing me antibiotics.

My point is....accutane has caused me more problems than I could have ever imagined. I now have scarring which depresses me no end and I cry constantly. Self esteem, nil. I blame myself for knowing the risks and still going ahead with the treatment.

I'm in no way trying to instill fear into people, as accutane has had miraculous results for many. Just not me. :( I want people to realise that accutane is not the be all and end all in acne treatments. If I could turn back time i'd stay the hell away from tane and my stupid derm for that matter.

If you are starting accutane and you have a really bad initial breakout, contact your derm immediately. Trust me, and learn from my mistake. :(

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Here's my theory: Maybe your acne looked mild, but you had a lot of clogged pores under the skin. This stuff has to come up somehow, which is how you get the bad breakout. Maybe there's no way around it.

MY daughter is in her 3rd month of accutane, and is still breaking out pretty badly. But I think it's because her pores were so badly clogged. You could see hundreds if white bumps under the skin. Even now there are still some bumps, but there are definitely fewer. I think my daugter just has tons of oil under the skin. This is my hope, anyway.

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I am being honest and clear when I say that fuckin Accutane did NOTHING for me! In fact, I got more severe scarring and cysts - even years after Accutane!

I'm in my 40's! Most of my scarring occurred in my 20's and 30's!

Accutane is FUCKED UP! If it does miracles, well, all I can say is that there are plenty of people who tout miracles from emu oil, dairy free diets, hydrochloric acid supplements, and high density water!

There really needs to be like a 90% success rate to really attribute something good to a product, but Accutane has like a 50% success rate (a 50/50 toss up which is the same even if you don't even use Accutane) and it isn't even a permanent solution for many. Hell, body chemisry changes over time so who knows if Accutane was really the alleviator of acne!

I've seen an obese woman who was eating Atkin's breakfast drinks, and she had PERFECT skin! That's right - her diet was somewhat healthy but had junk, too, and she never used anything special on her face! She was born with GENETICALLY PERFECT skin, so it just shows that the god damn diet restrictions are rather pointless after a while (especially if you're hardcore raw paleo or raw diet people who never touch processed foods! No damn emu oil was needed for her skin because her GENES made sure that everything was perfect... unlike the acne-prone population...

Accutane was a joke! It was worthless trash! I may as well have taken sugar pills or something because that would have had the same effect!

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Now I'm kinda worried. I asked my derm about the initial Accutane breakout but he said that it won't happen to me because he's gonna put me on 30 mg a day. But I'm still scared... what if I start breaking out like crazy?? Oy. :wacko:

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