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3 months on the regimen and....

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Not there yet.

I'm close....very close...but I just can't seem to get to 100% clear skin. My acne wasn't horrible to begin with so I expected to get pretty close to 100% but I'm not....and its frustrating!!!

I use

Neutrogena foaming face wash

Dan's BP (and plenty of it)

Complex 15

twice a day. I dont miss a day ever, and I take my time putting it on. I did add gentle exfoliation twice a day about 2-3 weeks ago, but it improved the situation, it did not make it worse. I dont know what else to do.. I certainly won't stop cause I look 10 times better than I did before and this is probably the most simple face routine I've ever had....but I really hope if I just wait a little longer...I'll get there...I've heard some people took a little longer...I just hope I'm one of those people....

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i had mild acne before i started the regimen too, but i am only 2 weeks in. hopefully i will be bale to stick it out as long as you. congrats so far and best wishes for your continued success

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Hmmm...that sounds frustrating. I have a couple of suggestions though.

1. Read http://www.acne.org/biggestmistakes.html

2. Re-read the regimen and re-watch the videos, and basically make sure you're on everyting just right

3. Quit smoking if you smoke

4. Read http://www.acne.org/faq.html#notworking and think about that stuff. Irritation can be an aggravating factor too so keep that in mind.

5. Practice patience. Some people say that they finally got to where they wanted to be after the 3 month point.

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You won't find any legitimate, archived, scientific studies which have found BP to yield 100% clarity in users.

Don't blame yourself if you don't reach 100% on the 'csr', only a very small percentage actually seem to.

I'm not being funny, but in all honesty whilst the csr is the best thing I've ever tried for my acne, it was not able to yield the clarity I desired... and I don't think that's uncommon here.

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yeah, i'm on my sixth month, i actually have about 7 pimples, but i haven't been following the regimen exactly, haven't used enough BP/wasn't gentle/not applying moisturizer right (found that out today).

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