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Loss of pigmentation & color in my facial skin!

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Ok... I don't even break out bad anymore. Just tiny bumps every now & then. The problem is my face isn't smooth anymore. It's dark all over my face & you can see a big difference in skin tone on my body compared to my face. My face is dry... dead looking. I think it's lost it's color from trying so many products on my face all these different years. I also strangely have gotten bags under my eyes from what I don't know but it's been there for a long time. I look like a 50 year old man when I'm only 16. I've had this since I was 11. Strange thing I've noticed is if I widen my cheeks..Like keeping my mouth shut & blowing in & your cheeks will get bigger. I noticed when I do that.... my original skin tone is shown in the cheek area but when I stop.... it blends back in with the dark skin on my face! How can I get my skin looking healthier and lighter again!?My body tone is brown skin... but my face makes me look dark brown.My face is just uneven & healthy looking... it looks really unattractive. I'm tired of people putting me down talking about I need to wash my face or I need to lose all those dark areas for me to be attractive. It's going on 6 years!! I hate this ](*,)

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take a look at threads talking about

1. lactic/glycolic acid peels

2. Kojic acid

3. Mandelic acid

all above will help with lightening the skin

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I understand where you're coming from. I only get teeny weeny pimples every now and again BUT I have light olive skin and now I have dark patches on my face.I know exactly why I got them.Diluted apple cider vinegar. I used it all over for about 3 weeks.I didn't even go in the sun (i work in a hot country and I only work after sundown). My point is, be careful when using AHAsand BHAs on your skin. I keep well clear of them even the ones for darker skins. I don't mean to discourage you.I know they seem to work well for many.You could always apply it to a small area first.

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