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About EMU Oil - For those of you getting needling subcision

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Emu oil is great for reducing swelling after a procedure - when I had subcision last week, the swelling only lasted 30 hours - and after that, you would never have believed I had been poked all over the face with a needle.

Last night, my son sprained his wrist playing football - It started swelling up immediately, I covered his wrist in emu oil and not only did the swelling go down quickly, but it also stopped the pain.

I want to thank Denise for persuading me to try this oil =D> - really it's the best, better than jojoba oil even.

I bought mine from www.homepeels.com but you can also get it from www.skinbio.com - the skinbiology brand is more expensive than others but it seems to have some extra ingredients in it that help too.

I'm using it as a night time moisteriser (after dabbing with diluted vinegar, I apply copper peptides and retin-a - I wait 20 minutes, then apply emu oil) It has really made my skin feel very soft and well moisterised and there is no oily residue in the morning.

I have been using it for over a month - definately hasn't broken me out, in fact, I think it must help acne sufferers too.

Don't use this as a morning moisteriser as it would feel/look greasy uder makeup (for those who wear it).

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Hey Miss Maya. Yeah, the anti-inflammatory effects are really good. I noticed that Acne Miracle uses emu oil as a base for almost all of their topicals. I would say probably because of it's anti-inflammatory effects. Precisely why I recommend it for needling, along with the copper peptides. The copper peptides help with redness, healing, and collagen production. The emu oil helps with healing and inflammation. Great combination for needling, subcision, or just about anything I would think.

It leaves your skin LIKE SILK!!!!! I am like you, think I've said it before also.....I like this better than jojoba oil also. It leaves your skin UNBELIEVABLY soft. You can get 2 ounces at Homepeels for 15 bucks, and it will last a very long time. Heck, you only need 2-3 drops for your whole face.

I'm glad your son's wrist is o.k.....that cute little thing! :D

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Hey Denise2, I see you posting about your experiences with copper peptides and would like to invite you to post at skinbiology's forum located at delphiforums.com Your thoughts and experience with cp and emu oil would be of interest there I'm sure. Especially, your needling experience combined with it. I realise you have posts here and at voy in detail concerning your results, and posting to a third site might be a bit more than you wish to do; but just wanted to mention it to you. Most of the folks at skinbiology's site are fans of skinbiology's products and like discussing details.

Of course, not just Denise2, but anyone else should come there too if they are interested or have questions.

I have quite a bit of experience with acids and various cp for sunken scars. I have no experience with needling and emu oil.

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The Emu oil I have is really greasy, but i read only a fraction needs to be absorbed and it will do its job. The skinbio stuff looks good but I can't afford such luxuries (It's $30). I read that if you add Eucalyptus oil or tea tree, if you can't find Eucalyptus, will carry the emu oil deeper into the skin. Use 1 part to 4 parts emu oil.

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Yeah Will, it can be greasy, but for anyone out there.....it doesn't break you out, but actually helps acne because of it's strong anti-inflammatory properties. I usually massage it in with jojoba oil or manuka oil and then run a tissue over my face. Remember too....only a few drops are needed for the whole face!

Catlover....I will think about it but not willing to commit. My time is becoming limited. I have been over there and read the comments, and it's very encouraging! I may pop over there and post my experiences and that's it.

The problem arises when people begin to plow you with questions....... :-s

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