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Fraxel vs. TCA Peel

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From what i've gathered fraxel or any laser has the most risk. i heard about people experiencing fat loss from the thermage laser. when that laser first came out, everyone said it would work wonders. Fraxel is fairly new. although i have not heard anyone say they've expereinced adverse reactions, you still can't be sure at this point. i think with TCA there's a risk of hyperpimentation, but if you started out with a low concentration to see how your skin reacts you could then have an idea. from what i've gathered, and i'm no expert, one should start out with a peel and work his or her way up. maybe try a 20% TCA peel and take it from there. i think the laser is something you try after other procedures have failed. again, i'm no expert, i'm trying to figure this out myself. but i do think the peels are the safest way to start out. the TCA cross is a different ballgame, and i'm trying to figure out just how risky it is myself. i would be weary of putting something that strong on your face.

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So to clarify -- Fraxel involves a laser and has no record of fat loss at least according to that doctor? That sounds pretty good. And olbarn, if you're out there, can you tell me more about the Thermage you mentioned? I was under the impression that Thermage was not meant for acne scarring but more to tighten up skin that loosens with age and it's not as intense as receiving a facelift. Is that correct?

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Fraxel is about as safe as you can get as far as scar treatments go, and I would wager it is also the most effective.

http://shorelaser.com/FractionalAblativeLaser.html - General Information

It can penetrate twice as deep as the Co2 and beacause it leaves 80% of your skin undamaged each time, there is little downtime or risk.

Not only that, fraxel improves the overall look of your face because it gives you a solid skintone and removes wrinkles if you are older as well. It also helps with blackheads/current acne.

I had my 1st of 3 fraxels monday and now all my blackheads are gone and my face looks airbrushed due to the complete even skin tone and tan color. Look at my other post and you can see how to get your treatments for free.

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if you do a search through this site you'll see a lot of threads dealing with fat loss and thermage. thermage is supoosed to tighten the skin, thus giving the scar a shallower appearance.

as far as fraxel goes, again i have not heard anything negative about it. the only reason i'm worried is b/c it's quite new. indeed there have been great results from fraxel, but who knows what will happen years later. i've heard warnings (mostly from people on this site) against all lasers, and that they could be harmful to your skin later down the road. it may take years to know what these laser may cause. some people speculate that lasers may cause your skin to wrinkle more as you age. so you could use the laser and find yourself years down the road looking in the mirror wondering why in the hell you look so damn old! futhermore if your skin is excesivley wrinkling, any scar tissue that you still have on our face would make the skin crease even deeper-- looking like elephant skin. not pretty! i don't want to sound negative--just cautious. fraxel might just be a godsend. i actually think fraxel is one of the most promising treatments out there.

fraxel compared to TCA:

TCA can cause large pores (orange peel effect) and discloration

TCA has down time> your face can be pink for a week or more depending on concentration

However TCA has worked wonders for many people (and of course it hasn't-- there's always the other side)

Fraxel is expensive and you need multiple treatments to see results

FRaxel has no real downtime

FRaxel has shown great results (see FloridaGuys's thread)

At this point there has not been any problems

I would love to try fraxel. i really can't deal with any down time. i can only give up maybe a day or two, so fraxel is ideal. i even found a doctor in my area that does the procedure. the onlt thing that's stopping me is the chance that this treatment may not be consequence free.

with treatments, there should be no rush. whats the difference between doing something now or in six months or a year. take your time, do the reasearch and when you have figured it out-- do some more. it's you face-- don't make it worse!

AndrewJ please keep us informed on your treaments

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40 percent? :naughty:

Are you sure?

What I think of the difference between fraxel and tca is that the fraxel as far as I know will penetrate deeper than tca (peel).

After doing home things like peels and tca cross, I am really considering fraxel. I myself am convinced it can achieve relatively good results between 30 to 70 percent on large area's. Looking at a few pics the difference is quite noticable. Though mostly the pics i have seen are most likely the best progressed patients they have treated.. so well .. never expect miracles because it won't give it to you.

But in laser area I would really go for this instead of c02 laser or dermabrasion. I personally would rule those two out.

It's non invasive! woopie..

For now I am setteling with peels, cross, creams and perhaps (temporary)fillers to see how it looks like.

After one or two years the fraxel laser will be most likely more used and getting cheaper and of course more available throughout the world..


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yes i think fraxel may be the answere. i did find that fraxel does have down time. drs claim theres no down time because they're refering to the results of fraxel at a low level. the fraxel laser goes up to level 30 (which would never be used) . to correct scars you need to go to around level 12, which will cause some redness for about a week. patients often go as high as 20 which will again cause alot of redness and some swelling. most people start out at levels below ten, which may cause a little pinkness, but it's not as effective for scars. fraxel may be solution, but it's defintely not without some hiding in your house and playing flu for several days.

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just recently had the obagi blue peel (which contains tca). The tca added was 30%, but with diluting with the blue dye to control depth, the final concentration of tca was 20%.

I used it for my scars on my cheeks. Most of the scars i have are reasonably level, however, are red. I think the peel helped a little with the redness, but definately not significantly. I paid £800 for the treatment. I am now considering a course of fraxel. My question is whether anyone knows if fraxel can help red scars significantly, or is this laser more helpful with indentations/wrinkles?


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I think creams will do for red spots, maybe something with copper peptides and aloe vera . CP serum might do the trick. Fraxel is kinda expensive to do for only red spots, I think u should seek it in the topical area.

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