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Sunless Tanning together with All the interesting remedies?

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Firstly, i would like to thank Maya for replying me regarding the EMU oil posting sometime back. [-o<

Well, I have read many on the interesting postings and I find the Lemon and Vinegar method rather interesting and no doubt i will be trying it soon.

However, I was thinking abt this. Many people claimed that the sun would harm the skin in a long run and a sun tan is therefore not adviced. However, a tan really does make some people look good and double up as a "mask" for some red spots or brown spots...

Therefore i was thinking about a safter alternative such as sunless tanning. I wonder if anyone has got any experiences with sunless tanning. Most importantly, what would be the best and non irritating to the face. (Of course with a tan which looks natural as well)

In conjunction, anyone here has done ANY form of regimens together with sunless tanning? Cos when you do sunless tanning as well as any of the acne as well as scar removal remedies as mentioned on these forums (Lemon and Vinegar, Scotch Tape, BP application etc....), i was wondering whether the artifical tan would last ????!!!

I mean we apply soooooo much stuff onto our face and since this sunless tan is rather artifical to some extent, i was wondering whether it would be possible if we

1. Use all the interesting methods of scar removal like the Lemon method and/or scotch tape method and also

2. Use a sunless tanning solution to cover our marks till the marks eventually fade.

This is like killing a bird with one stone altogether!!

Hope i get some replies on this cos it would be great for both a sunless tan to work together with any of the remedies as mentioned here

Thanks!! :D

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Guest niko

I am trying to figure out a good sunless tanner myself. Although my indents are filling in slowly, I have some reddish marks that don't seem to want to go away. In the past, one method always worked. I would tan in the sun over a 2 or 3 month period, and I would never see the marks again. Check out Sunlesstan.com, they have a lot of knowledge on the subject.

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niko- I tried what you did once and it really did mask for a while but then after that it seemed that my skin changed after the sun's harsh damage and after that, my skin became dry and it seemed that i begun to have more blemishes.....

I am now going to try some sunless products which i have just ordered over the net. I will see the results when i do try!!

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