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Just a quick bit of background, I had acne and red marks since I was 12 (Im now 23). My main problem of the last few years is red marks, since they last on me for many years often. I also suffered several months of the worst acne of my life earlier this year (due to something that was messing up my hormones that I have now stopped taking). So I was back in a situation with a ton of bad red marks.

Been on these boards many years and tried a lot of things (to name a few.. BP, Retin-a, Copper Peptites, Acne Miracle, Aloe Vera, Neosporin, ACV, Lemon, taping, Godiva skin lightening, hydroquinne (fade out), Lactic acid peels, salyclic acid, glycolic acid peels, emu oil, mandelic acid, kojic acid, green tea, c&c blackhead scrub, steaming, neautrogena moisturiser, salt exfoliation, homeopathic remedies, lemon water to drink, fasting, cleansing, sugar exfoliation, a load more stuff I can't even think of....).

So I thought back to what worked best for me in the past, and the answer was, the 10% glycolic acid cream they gave me when I was on an iclear trial a few years ago. I was using it each night and saw a very impressive result in relation to the red marks, however I did break out a little from it. I still had some of it left (prob a bit out of date) and I started using it again, the results were OK, but I decided, since I've done a lot of glycolic peels over the years (30%, 40%, even 70% and no great results were had) that I may need a slightly stronger solution to get the same results I did with 10% in the past. So I bought some 15% off ebay and started using that. Been using this stronger one around 3 weeks now and my red marks have improved DRAMATICALLY. Getting my confidence back now and I don't even wear concealer around my shared flat (I previously wouldn't have answered the door even to postman without full make up on).

The two important things with this treatment is :

1. Moisturise

2. Exfoliate

I suggest only applying the glycolic cream at night (it doesn't really work under make up for day time use anyways). If your new to glycolic acid I suggest sourcing a 7% stength, if you have used glycolic a little before try a 10% and if you very used to glycolic get a 15%. I find this method works infinately better than doing weekly or fortnightly glycolic peels.

You should feel it when you put it on, and by about the 3rd day it may bite a little , but be careful your not burning the skin. Put an oil like jojoba or emu on after it at night (I use puredeming). In the daytime use a good moisturiser.

Exfoliate morning and night, nothing beats a flannel for exfoliation, especially if you wear make up and need to ensure no flakiness. The electric toothbrush exfoliation suggested by Jess is also great.

If you break out from the glycolic then do this at night... put neo on any acne, inflammation, or newely healing acne spot and then use a "silver" healing plaster (a lot of brands do this type of thing, I use elastoplast ones). Make sure its stuck down properly on each edge, I cut the longer edges off and use those bits to make sure its stuck properly. If you read the back of plaster packets you will find details of why things heal better with a plaster.. it keeps the wound from drying out, which means it heals faster and much less likely to scar. Also the plaster will help suck the crap out of the acne spot so it heals properly, rather than becoming a red mark or raised red mark.

Anyways, I strongly suggest people give this a go, glycolic creams arnt expensive (get a non-comoegenic one remember). You should see results in a week or two, and one month onwards your situation with red marks should be greatly improved if your success mirrors mine.

Good luck


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aww that's so great!

i could relate having tried everything you could imagine,and i just have mild red marks :(

what seller on ebay do you get it from?there's a lot on there and i wanna make sure i get a good one.

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Guest Marino

i've been using 10 percent glyocolic ontop of bp for my body acne, and the red marks have diminished somewhat [only a 10-20 percent reduction id say].

15 percent might be the way to go, i'll see if i can upgrade.

BTW; not meant to be discouraging or anyhting, but is it possible the redness the solution is creating is having a temporary "blending" affect with your redmarks like after a sunburn?

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Yeah! I'm using a line called Aqua Glycolic (the face wash, toner, and face cream) which all have at least 10% glycolic acid in them and not only has it started clearing me up, but it has started to fade my redmarks as well! Yay!

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Now is this something that you can buy at your local drug store? If so, what name brand should I look for?

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That's where on ebay I got the 15% Im currently using.

I suggest most people start with the 8% if not used to glycolic, or 12% if your skin isn't sensitive and your used to glycolic. Though you might want to check is the 8% is the same ingredients.

before I purchased I emailed about the ingredients :

Below please find the ingredients for the 15% glycolic night cream. The only difference between the 12% glycolic moisturizer and the 15% glycolic night cream is the percentage of glycolic.

Ingredients for the 15% Glycolic Night Cream:

Water, 15%Glycolic Acid, Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate, Sorbitol, Ceteareth-20,

Safflower Oil, Dimethicone, Hydroxyethylecllulose, Magnesium Aluminum, silicate,

Tetrasodium EDTA, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

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