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I did a little reading up on Epsom salts (everything you ever wanted to know about them) via the “Epsom Salt Council� website….hmmm, what next, the Apple Cider Vinegar League?

Beyond the antibacterial/anti inflammatory action of topically applying Epsom salts. The major components of Epsom salts, magnesium and sulfate have a host of other beneficial effects.


Studies show these benefits from the major components of Epsom Salt may:


· Ease stress and improves sleep and concentration

· Help muscles and nerves function properly

· Regulate activity of 325+ enzymes

· Help prevent artery hardening and blood clots

· Make insulin more effective

· Reduce inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps

· Improve oxygen use


· Flush toxins

· Improve absorption of nutrients

· Help form joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins

· Help prevent or ease migraine headaches

They have a separate section for beauty tips and offer up suggestions for using it in the bath and as a facial scrub/exfoliant. I doubt any one with acne would use their suggestion to combine Epsom salts with petroleum jelly.

As to whether it is too drying - on the website's FAQ, they address that question:


Does Epsom Salt dry your skin and leave a residue the way sea salt does?


No. In fact, Epsom Salt is widely reported to soften skin, and it rinses away completely. While we don't yet understand precisely why Epsom Salt has a softening effect, the results have been widely reported for hundreds of years.

My daughter tried the e salts/water compress, as described in the thread in your post, and washed it off after it dried , applied bp and went to bed without feeling overly dry in the morning. She didn't want to leave the compresses on all night. However, she has only done this once.

As far as combining the aspirin and e salts together ... I don't know, would that inactivate/change the effect of their respective components?

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