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I told my mom to get some uncoated aspirin, what does uncoated mean? Anyways, she said ok, so when she leaves she'll go to the pharmacy and get some. What exactly will this mask do for me and how many times a day can I use this and how? Do I use it and apply it for 10 mins and wash it off, or can I leave it on over night on my whole face or just spot treat? Or what? What does aspirin do even?

How good/bad did the aspirin mask do for you?

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Guest ***Mish Mosh***

Asprin can have a coating so people can swallow them more easily.

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aspirin is salicylic acid; or just about the same thing. you take a bunch of aspirins and put them in a bowl and then put some drops of water over them, enough water so the aspirins start dissolving, get a spoon and start mixing them up so they will dissolve faster, make it into a thick paste. get your face a little heated up and wet and then spread the aspirin paste all over it. leave it for about 10 minutes, it will dry and start getting powdery so you'll want to take it off anyway. wash it off with warm water and scrub a little bit as you wash it, to exfoliate. not too much or it'll hurt your face.

sometimes i do this and mix the aspirin with vinegar instead of water. sometimes i mix the aspirin with my aztec clay mask. i dunno if it's working for me; i'm sort of addicted to trying every new thing i hear about, and my face looks alright, but i don't know what to attribute it to. :rolleyes:

oh, i wouldn't do this more than 4 times a week; i do it at night after showering.

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