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Hopeful lad


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Today I went to my Dermatologist appointment in England.

She was very upfront --straight away saying "your acne is quite bad, and their is scarring which we cant do much about". She then asked what im currently on --antiboitics and BP --and she said to stop those and that she was giving me another tablet --to which i said "roaccutane" and she said yea.

I took antibiotic pill this morning, so im going to wait until tommorow to take the first acctuane tablet.

she says that she is expecting a bad initial problem for me on it --so we are stating at 20mg and ill see her in 1 months time.

also I am having contact lenses--so ill have to watch that they are being irritated by dry eyes.

I bought a moisturiser from the pharmacy at the hosptial --non perfumed, non greasy --so should do the job if i put it on my face eevery night.

Anyway, ill be going for this and seeing what happens --i lead a busy life though monday to saterday so hope acne dosnt get much worse!


Matt (17)

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Guest Poker-Butt

good luck!! i wish the best... u deserve clear skin we all do...and ur on ur way :)

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Good luck, take extra special care with the eyes because they really can get very dry. It also might be a good idea to get some emollient like Diprobase as well as a moisturiser (emollient is like super-moisturiser, useful for tane users).

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I've been on 20mg/day for 10 days and I haven't really had any severe side effects. Just mildly dry lips and dry hair.

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i slept with my contacts in on tane a lot, didn't do much harm; but get chap stick, better yet some aquafor or carmex although i don't know if you can those brands exactly in england


More than 3 years later I'm still having to buy the stuff...

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hey hopeful lad. I hope roaccutane works for you, im kinda in the same position as you, i wanna go on tane but derms refuse to give it to me, even thought they say "im a candidate for it"..ive got an appointment in a few weeks, so we'll see what happens. Im sure you will be clear in no time.

Whereabouts in england are you?


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