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Hi guys! i m 19 years old n just like most of you here i m suffering from acne actually now i m more concerned about my scars.I m getting amino acid peels done for my scars.can any one please help me i m very depressed..i m good looking but when i look at people who have clean flawless skins i feel horible..and infact some girls also try to make me feel less than perfect. if some one tells me that i m looking good the next comment is usually aww wat happened to your skin.i cant stop worrying about my scars. im on minocine does any one know if it works?.I m sure there are many girls and guys out there who are suffering from same prob..thanks plz help me. :confused:

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I've got scars too. waaaaaah :cry: a lot. and it's bothering me like hell. I haven't done anything about it (mainly because I don't have money). I'm still breaking out BTW, grr!

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Yeah that sucks. I remember when I used to have clear skin too and when I started breaking out, my uncle was like, "What the fuck happened to your face?" Keep in mind that I'm very very cool with this uncle. He was almost like a brother figure to me and we could talk about anything from girls to sex. We are pretty direct towards each other and tell it like it is. But damn...when he said that to me, I felt like shit...and that says a lot considering all the other stuff we tease each other about.

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