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i have mild-moderate acne, but recently it has gotten much worse. i called up my derm, and she said she would put me on an antibiotic. she recommended minocycline, but much of the stuff i have read about it has scared me to death. she mentioned doxycycline, which i would be much less hesitant to go on. however, i really have no idea which is the better choice.


which one should i go on?

i really don't want to screw this up, since i am SO tired of dealing with all this acne sh*t.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Minocyclin is a stronger antibiotic than doxycyclin but it has worse side effects.Both are tetracyclins though.Mino is given for a shorter period of time and doxy for a longer period.Thats because mino is stronger.So you either will have to take mino for a short period or doxy for a longer period of time in order for the results to be the same.My opinion:listen to what your derm says.He/she will prescribe mino to you for 2-3 months.

During the first days you will probably experience a breakout.thats the old pimples(whiteheads etc) coming to the surface.

Hope i helped you

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thank you so much! yeah, i had a feeling i should probably just listen to my derm, but i had to ask. acnerr- you rock. thanks for replying!! hope everything goes well for you :)

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you shouldn't really have an initial breakout from antibiotics, they just might take a while to start working. Uh...i noticed you're a girl...do u just breakout around "that time of the month?" If that's the case birth control could be an option too.

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i have pretty mild acne...but it was just persitant...i tried doxy and to be honest i found that it made only a small difference... but there were not side effects for me. Not sensisitive to sun, not initial brekout anything....so personally i would say that doxy is a much easier thing to be on, like i did not even notice it, but its not quite as strong as mino...so it depends how bad your acne is really :think:

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Ive been on both. mino helped me three years ago and it worked wonders. I went on doxy like 5 months ago but it wasnt doing anything, so my derm switched me back to mino, and im almost clear. no more breakouts at least

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I was on minocycline for 6 years straight. It's not harmful in the least. It actually makes you healthier.

Once again, the side effects you read about are extremely rare. Like the people who die from taking Tylenol. One in 10,000 might have a problem.

It worked very well for me for several years.

Good luck.


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