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Heres what made my acne go away

I always had moderate acne that would constantly bring me down! I used practically every over the counter product and prescription product. And it seemed like the dermatoligists werent helping me out a bit, until one day my derma. told me about Benza-clin (acne lotion) I decided i would try it since I didnt have anything to lose. To my suprise, the first week I used it, it didnt make my face red or peely (like most acne stuff does). I saw results the first week too. I was amazed. After a month my acne had gone from moderate to mild. And after a month and a half, my acne was basically cleared up. I still use Benza-clin to prevent acne and I also use phisoderm face wash (an over the counter product) to wash my face with. Its been months now and i have been using Benza-clin and phisoderm and iam shocked. I do get the occasional pimple of corse but nothing big there tiny. Anyways I reccomend benza clin and phisoderm.

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I've been using Benzaclin for about three months. although it has helped get rid of a lot of my acne, I am clear on one side of my face now, but the other side still keeps breaking out quite a bit. Should I put a lot of benzaclin on that side? Gosh i wish it would just clear up the way the other side did!!!

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I just passed the 4 wk mark of using Cetaphil, Benzaclin, Tetracycline and the "tape method" and today, for the first time in a year i actually considered leaving the house with no makeup on b/c i would have looked fine (i ultimately decided to put on makeup b/c now i feel so naked w/o it. #-o !!! I only have one small zit right now and my red marks have faded RAPIDLY since i added the tape method about 6 days ago. The Tetracycline has cleared up my back completely and my face went from severe/moderate to mild to BARELY A PROBLEM in a month!!! I strongly recommend Benzaclin and Cetaphil, as well as the tape method and tetracycline.

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