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The reality in mind is that heaven and hell are both not in the afterlife but are reality.You are either living in hell or in heaven it depends on YOUR perception.It's kind of hard sometimes to figure out if your life as a whole was predestined for hell or if you started out in heaven and degenerated to hell because of your actions,faith,deeds left undone. If I knew it would be this way I would have lived my time in heaven to the fullest but that's not the case now is it? What was it that I messed up on by any chance.I was good that's all.I was good and I helped and befriend the troubled kids,I empathized with them and never in a condenscending mode was I,I was shy and quiet the whole time so why was I to have all this baggage dumped on me to suffocate me further? Was i determined by the lord to pass on early because I was good but then again many young bad people are killed?Everybody has a cause of going down.Accidents,murder,disease.Is this god's way of pulling me up to him?Oh gosh there's so many questions I want to ask him.

If heaven and hell are both spiritual reality than what happens when you die?reincarnation?

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I believe in heaven, hell, and God but I really don't know all the details. But in my opinion, it seems like all hell has broke loose here on Earth.

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