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Is this correct.?

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I bp my neck now, just done it, is this the correct way to apply bp, now i've read the regimen and how to apply it, but i'd just like to know if this is right, as i dont think it covers it in enough detail, i put the bp onto my skin, and then i just glide my finger down my neck too the affected areas, i just keep gliding my finger over my neck with the bp barely touchin my skin until i can feel the bp as absorbed into the skin, does that sound about right, also how do you know the bp aint absorbing into the skin on your finger tip.?

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Yup, watch the videos at http://www.acne.org/video.html so you can see how I get it to absorb.

But!!! For your neck, start slowly. I mean VERY slowly. The neck is hyper sensitive on most people and might freak out if you start too quickly. I would use a tiny bit of bp once a day at first and work it up very slowly.

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Thanks for this, but i dont see what people mean by hyper sensitive and all that, if i use alittle bit, then i'm not gonna be able to cover the whole area, what happens to the neck if you start with too much, as my neck dont seem to mind, also do i need to moisturise as you would with putting it on the face.?

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