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What has helped my Hypertrophic Scars

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I have been battling 2 hypertrophic scars right next to one another (one was almost directly under the other) for months now. The first scar formed this past January , and the other one formed in July. The scars were slightly raised, red, horrible shiny uneven texture, and since they were close together, they looked like one really big area of raised scar tissue. Oh, and the scar that formed in July formed right around an atrophic scar-beautiful, right!? I’m not sure what helped exactly, but they are no longer really raised-one is still raised very very slightly but nothing like it was before and you only know it‘s raised when you touch it and feel the tiny uneven bumpiness.

I’ve used many, many things since June so I’m not sure what has caused them to go down. What have I used/done? I’ve used Neosporin scar pads, Curad scar pads, Tea Tree Oil, Emu Oil, Mederma, ScarZone, Preventin-AT Scar Therapy Serum, and Chuba Gao and Keloid Salve from the Jamu Shop. I’ve also performed a 50% tca cross-like treatment on them and I’ve tried regular acne meds like Retin A Micro and a 2% Salicylic acid on them.

I believe that the 50% TCA helped them most. I used a toothpick and went over the area a few times. I wanted to heal correctly and rapidly, so I made sure to eat extra healthy, take certain Vitamins, and put things like Neosporin and Emu Oil on the areas during the healing stage. I did this cross treatment twice, about 2 months apart, and I think that really helped level the entire area. I also think that my combination of Emu Oil + Neosporin Scar pads helped the scars a little bit.

Now I am just left with slight bumpiness, and while the redness went down a bit, the area is still very pinkish/reddish, shiny and has the texture of a burn. I know there may not be much I can do about this, but it is still quite noticeable, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions (procedures, products, etc) on how to treat this type of burn-looking scar?

Thank you and good luck!

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I'm glad you feel you've gotten such good improvements. I expect the pads helped somewhat with the raised scarring, as well as the TCA. Pressure pads can give good results with perseverance.

As far as tackling the 'burn-like' texture of the scars, this is very difficult I'm afraid. You might want to look into getting permanent make-up camouflage, which can normalise the appearance of the scarring somewhat, without actually helping the scar itself. Scalpel excision may also be an option, although if the scar is still raised, this would probably not be possible.

Alternatively, you might want to look into isolagen, although as far as I'm aware, this is still not available in the US.

Good luck!

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Thank you for your reply, Rossignol. :)

I'll keep you all updated on what I do and what happens next as I know a few people on here have some burn looking areas as well.

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