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Help Needed on the "transition period.."

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Ok...so as some know, I have recently decided to discontinue the use of Proactiv. Differin gel, taken with an additional black and yellow pill known as "Tetracycline -500mg Capsulezen" will now become my regimen.

But..before I start up on Differin and this Pill....how long should I wait to let my skin readjust?? So far, it has been over one day..probably about one and a half days...since stoping Proactiv...

Is this enough...or should I wait longer???

Thanks in advance. ;)


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shane b that's what i exactly did..............for me it didn't work.

the doctor gave me those two...after i quit proactive...but i didn't seen any results....i don' get any breakouts...but it didn't fix anything i had b4.

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Well...who knows how I'll react to Differin....at the very least I hope to stay the same...and I dont remember Differin making it worse....so...

Its worth a shot...if this doesn't work out, I'll have to find some other method....

Note---I will, though, at least stick with Differin for a month...reason being because I have nothing else...lol. Proactiv was harmful and nearly run dry in supply anyway...Differin is all I got...*shrug*

Heres to the hopes of a better face...hurrah! :pray:

Oh...and nother note--- Unless anyone says anything against this...Im gonna start (taking Dif and pill) tonight...making the waiting period one full day without using anything...I hope thats enough time...

Thanks for the responses. :razz:

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Dont remember the pill doing that to anyone I know who has taken it....hmmm..

With acne...there are definately certain cures for certain people, that much I KNOW.

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You can rest your skin a couple of days (which you must have already), and get onto the new regimen that you have planned for yourself. In my experience, a regimen is definitely better than no regimen, and acne can come back in full force very quickly if left unchecked.

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I've rested my skin for one day only...not 2 days....but Im afraid to be off of anything...because acne will most assuredly get worse if left unattended to...

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