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I want to do a detox

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I want a liver flush or w/e kind of flush i need to clean my body.

The only problem is that it seems kind of wierd to ask my parents to go get me an enema kit or w/e i need.

Plus there arent any places near me that carry this stuff...

Do i need to do enemas?

Im really in the dark about this topic. Ive been to that askshelly site but i dont understand a word it says. WTF is epsom salt... how the hell do i even give myself an enema anyways lol

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enemas (or colonics or salt water flushes) are only entirely necessary if you do overnight liver flushes. they're not necessary if you cleanse/flush your liver slowly.

right now, how often do you have bowel movements? you should have at least 1 a day, maybe 2 or even 3, depending on how much you eat. if you don't have a BM every day, you definitely need to do bowel cleansing. you could start with Oxy-Powder (google it). then you should take a fibre supplement with laxatives for about a month -- like Colonix or Agape Perfect 7, or make your own fibre drinks with this recipe http://www.askshelley.com/faq.php?p=default&cat=36#a9 and add laxatives to it (cascara sagrada or senna).

after bowel cleansing, you can do liver cleansing, which is described pretty clearly in 'liver management' on askshelley.com.

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