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Wash after workout

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Hey guys, i was just wondering on what your views were as to washing acne affected areas after hitting the gym? I know the reigeme says to only wash twice a day but if i go to the gym say at 2pm then i cant spend the rest of the day going to lectures etc without having showered. If i do shower, then do i apply bp again and then wash again before bed and apply bp again for a third time?? Wow this is complicated!!

I think Dan says to incorperate your after workout washes into the twice aday wash but its kinda impossibel that early in the day. If i could i would go later in the evening but i have work to do then and even if i could then what, do i go out to the bar still without showering??! God this is such a hastle to doing things people would normally never have to worry about! Anyway, if anyone has any idea's or if you could let me know what you do it would be greatly appreciated.


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Once the BP is absorbed into yoru skin in the morning you are good to go. By taking a shower 5 hours later the BP won't come out. I work out sometime in the middle of the day, when I used BP I'd shower and just wash my face with water.

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Yeah that makes sense - thanks for the reply!! Was reapplying it after showewring and i think it was too much for my skin as it began flaking way too much. Will just stick to the morning and eve for bp. Cheers

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hey, if you are washing your face in the middle of the day it might be a good idea to put moisturiser on afterwards. It might help prevent the flaking.

And ya, only bp twice a day

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Ok, just shower during the day after your workout without washing your face, just your body. This way, you won't need to worry about re-applying anything or flaking.

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