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Hello! Very excited that I found this site ... mother was no help. However, I am 22 and I have mild to moderate acne. Which has been a battle since the 8th grade, never clear, always having to cover something. Starting seeing a dermatologist in the 9th grade who prescribed oral and topical ( Retina A), which made my skin NASTY and SMELLY and minocycline (spelling?). Saw no noticable difference and then moved on to various oral meds., with differen gel ( pleased with but, caused A LOT of peeling). I was with my dermo for about 7 years and I decided to just quit the oral because my goal was no makeup at all just healthy skin ... continued differen gel which wasn't a big help. Got seriously into the whole facial thing ... which I saw a noticable improvement after 3 facials and a Salicylic treatment. Since that cost me about $300 it wasn't very affordable for my type of ance which I thought was very treatable. Since then (10 months) have moved on using DERMALOGICA products. I use the Anit-Bac skin was in the a.m. and at night once to remove make-up then again to cleanse skin with warm water, followed by Dermalogica toner (plus 2 times a week the Dermalogica skin prep scrub) and Oil of Olay Moisturizer for Combination skin with SPF15. Skin still looks like crap!!! Please help... will try Dan's routine tomorrow but is there any advice as to the improvement of my rountine??? Also I am using BARE Mineral makeup the all natural great for your skinstuff? I am so desperate to try something that will work. At this point I'm torn between going back to a DIFFERENT dermatologist or back to my facial person, not sure which is the best answer?

Thank You!!!

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