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Hi...Im Shane..a newbie here.. *waves* :hand: Anyway, I have a question for all of you concerning Proactiv...and my face in general.

I, for quite some time, have always struggled with moderate (not severe) acne. Recently, I tried a cream called "Differin" in correlation with a pill swallowed through the mouth. (It was black and yellow...can't remember the name currently...." Anyway, this "acne-solution" really wasn't all that bad...just kind of slow working and made my face prone to the sun....

Then I found this website, and desired to try Proactive...as its Repairing Lotion had the famous "benz. proxide 2.5%" as an active ingredient....

NOTE---I switched to Proactiv maybe only one day or less after I had been using Differin for a number of weeks...I wonder if that could be the cause of my current problem?? (My problem will be discussed below...for those that may be confused right now ... :razz: )

The Problem---I have...at the current moment...been using Proactiv for 10 days. Sadly, during this time...my face has visibly gotten worse, even my mom noticed... :cry: My face is more red in color, and I simply have more visible acne now than before....

Should I quit using Proactive...wait for a certain amount of time for my skin to re-adjust...then go back to Differin??? Or, is 10 days simply not an accurate amount of time to judge the solution as a failure....Maybe I should keep using it...but even if...for how long before it truely can be deemed a "failure" if my face indeed remains as it is now: Red and with more visible acne than ever before..??

Sorry for the long read...thanks to all who respond. ;)

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I'm a former Proactiv user and I can tell you that the product line is effective. The problem with it though is that it tends to lose effectiveness in the long run. I think it's because of the moisturizer & 2.5% benzoyl peroxide mix found in Proactiv's repairing lotion. I seriously believe that it is much less effective compared to applying pure 2.5% benzoyl peroxide on your affected areas, considering I've been using Dan's regimen and BP Gel and have witnessed a massive clearing so far. The renewing cleanser is useless in my opinion, as it does a poor job of exfoliating, and you are washing all of the precious 2.5% benzoyl peroxide down the drain. The toner is fine, but it made my skin very red and irritated, plus it is extremely expensive (along with the rest of the products in this line). Proactiv has gotten mixed results in the product review section of this site, but a lot of people say that it stops working after a while, and I am one of them.

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I must say...I did use Proactiv before the use of Differin awhile ago...maybe 9 mo.-to a year back... Anyway..I do remember it WORKING....but now that I've started again, it seems to be failing...making my face worse actually........

Should I still use Proactiv though???? Will it work..or fail as it is now? I can't get any pure BP gel...at least not in the current future...so what should I do?? 3 choices: Differin + Pill/Proactive/ or do Nothing....

Hmm..im stumped :think: .

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I used a Proactiv knockoff called Klear Action, it broke me out so bad that I felt like a freak. My problem is that I have very very sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin then maybe that isn't the product for you. Try cleansing with something gentle and mixing the bp with a little moisterizer. That should help dilute it some.

Or maybe you are just having the intial breakout and should stick with. Good luck whatever you decide.:) And welcome to the forums!

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I've had acne really bad for decades,i used proactive for like 2-3years, didn't do anything at all, so stopped using it.3 months ago I took some acne natural treatment product and I was just amazed. I look like I never thought I could, and there haven't been any sorts of side effects or problems.I highly recommend them. You can check out the products here:


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I really liked Proactiv's Repairing Lotion works wonderfully but what i didn't like was it left me more redmarks which isn't nice. Awesome but its expensive I agree to go with dan's since it's all BP.

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Hmm...I think what I'll do is wait 2 or so days...let my skin "reload" so to speak, then go back to Differin...

At least it doesn't make my face red,bumpy, or more acne-prone than before....especially when Im not in the sun...hehehe...its a flaw, but oh well. I dont care....I just thought BP in Proactive would, at least, NOT make it worse...but it has. Thanks for the responses all...I just have to be patient...I think Differin can work..I must give it more time though..and hey, for the most part, my skin stays the same and doesn't get worse...so whats there to lose??

Adios...again, thanks all! ;)

(Note---It is possible that my skin has developed some resistance against Proactiv as well....I hear that the longer you use Proactiv, eventually...it will stop working for you. I did use it for quite some time in the past...so maybe thats why it fails to not only work, but makes my face worse....or maybe Im just over-reacting on 10 days...lol..who knows...Im just crossing my fingers for Differin.. :-P)

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