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Here is my altered new regime I am going to try out for a while, first a little back round.

Ive had acne for about two years, at its height I probably had moderate to severe acne with a cyst or two along the way. It really didnt hit till around last year when I turned 17`ish. I never really took care of my face either, I didnt care about it. Id do a crappy job washing which I barely ever did in the first place and I picked....I picked alot. I started seeing a derm a couple years ago but I didnt really follow through right with what she gave me. Around a year ago when I turned 18 I started to realize I really wanted to do something about my face, my derm prescribed a few topicals and minocycline 75mg twice a day. The size and inflamation of my acne severly decreased but alot still popped up. My acne started to get better and better. I tryed many of the home remedys on here like the ACV and Baking soda and nothing really worked, I think it actually made my skin worse to some extent so I stopped. I do like the lemon \ egg mask once in a while though. Anyways, Finally I went back to the derm and she switched me to 100MG once a day and a plexion SCT cleanser which I didnt use much until a few days ago.

I also have pretty bad Bacne but I just started Dans regime for Bacne last nigth so hopefulyl that will improve as well.

I started using Dans regime for my face for a while and saw great results. I still am.

My acne is pretty much dead (knock on wood) Rarely anything pops up anymore, a few small ones here and there but right now my face doesnt look its greatest. Red marks, RED MARKS ARE THE WORST PART OF ACNE IN MY OPINION. I hate them , my face has Id say moderate red marks on it now and blemishes and looks horrid. So thats were I stand now, theyre improving but still have a ways to go.

Here is my current regime Im going to try out for a while:


-Cetaphil Anti-Bacterial Bar Soap

-Dans 2.5% BP Gel

-Cetaphil facial mosturizer with SPF 15

With Breakfeast

- 1 Multivitamin

Afternoon \ Lunch

-1 1,000 MG Supplement of Vitamin C with rosehips

-1 60 MG Supplement of Zinc

Wait 2 Hours

-1 100MG Tablet of Minocycline

Dinner \ Evening

-1 1,000 MG Supplement of Vitamin C with rosehips

Befor Bed


-Cetaphil Anti-Bacterial Bar Soap

-Plexion SCT Facial Mask for 10-15 mins

Befor Bed for Chest and Bacne

-8% Walgreens Natures Finest AHA Lotion

-Dan's 2.5% BP gel


As far as excercise I try to run 1-3 Miles everyday and do push ups and sit ups as well.

So far its helped, hopefulyl it still does. Ill keep it posted on status every once in a while probably 3-4 times a week.

Any comments or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Well I dropped Dan's Regime all together, my acne really isnt as bad anymore its mostly red marks and smaller whiteheads. So far my regime is this and Ive been doing it for about a week now.


-Rinse with warm water

-Every Other Day Use Nuetrogena Blackhead Clearing Scrub


-Minocycline 100MG

-1,000 MG Vitamin C supplement

-60MG Zinc Supplement

-100 MG B-6 Supplement


-1,000 MG Vitamin C Supplement

-100 MG B-6 Supplement

-Run 2-3 Miles and Do 40-50 Pushups

Before Bed


-Neutrogena Blackhead Clearing Scrub

-Cetaphil Anti-Bacterial Bar

-Dans Regime For Bacne

Right Before Bed

-Plexion SCT mask, 10 mins then wash off

Twice a Week

-Neutrogena Facial Peel

So far the results are good, Im just in the intial breakout now with very very very small whiteheads on my chin and forehead coming out but my red marks WOW have been fading so well. I have seen more fading in this past week than I have in a month or two with dans regime. I honestly believe the BP slows down the red marks from fading.

Ill keep you all updated.

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