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Can I put sugar in lemon water?

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i wouldnt..

high concentrations of sugar can make some people break out, and sugar will dehydrate you, partially defeating the purpose of the lemon/water mix.

try diluting your lemon to water ratio a little bit if the taste is getting to you. i drink it ice cold which helps it go down, but some people say its better for your skin to drink it warm..your call.


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Sugar should be avoided, it is basically the most common inflammitory substance today. There is a plant called stevia, and at $10cdn you can get a 2 ounce bottle that needs 5 drops to sweeten any drink hot or cold. It is 50 times sweeter than sugar in liquid concentrate. In powdered form it is 200 times sweeter.

I suggest you buy/read Dr. Nicolas Pericone's book, The Pericone Prescription. It helped me find the cure now I am treating dreaded scars. Plus if you keep on a low sugar diet, no candy or glycemic junk( white bread, white pasta, white rice), you are garunteed to lose any excess fat and inflammation including cysts/nodules. Diabetics age in every respect 25% faster than normal people because of hyper-aging caused by guess what?, high blood sugar. That is why they are commonly obese and thier face is puffy/droopy.

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