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What should my regimen be??

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Ok so Ive been on Dans regimen for about a month now and my acne is mostly cleared up just one or two pimples popping up about every 5-7 days. My pimples are gone but I still have the red aftermarks, so i bought neutrogena multivitamin lotion. How should I use the Multivitamin (SA) with the BP?

Both morning and night?

BP night, SA morning?

I want my face to look the best possible during the day as well so which of the two products would help with that?

I would appreciate any suggestions or what your regimen for this is?

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hey, i use the multi-vitamin stuff in my regimen, ill outline exactly what i do, make sure your face is basically clear before using the multi-vitamin stuff, but if it is, itll kick some serious pimple ass.



Wash Face w/ Cetaphil

Shave w/ Edge Pro Gel with Aloe

-Wait 15 mins-

Apply Neutrogena Multivitamin Lotion to entire face

-Wait 5-10 mins for it to sink in-

Apply Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer w/ SPF 15


Wash Face w/ warm water and Cetaphil

Rinse w/ cold water

-Wait 15 mins-

Apply a moderate amount of Neutrogena 2.5% BP to entire face

Pass out

The multivitamin stuff has really made a big difference, it seems to prevent me from forming new pimples during the day, and the BP kills anything that may still be lurking around on my face

hope this helps


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My own regimen (for very sensitive, unbalanced skin, with severe acne, but not enough for very hard youth acne I think) :

Morning :

- Cetaphil cleansing Bar (very soft cleansing)

- Erythrogel (Erythromicyn 4% gel, freezes acne until BP evening application and helps to heal irritation)

- Neutrogena Clear Pore Multivitamin treatment (AHA and BHA 1.5%, repairing/maintaining the skin)

Evening :

- Isotheliane (very soft cleanser lotion, makeup-remover)

- Effacne (BP 2.5%, The only real and efficient treatment against pimples)

- Exfoliac moisturizer (AHA cream, feeds/regenerates the skin)

Hell Yeah! Including Multivitamin in your regimen is the best next stage you can do :D I personaly use the cream...

Personaly I don't wait between each stages...

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i've been on the regimen for 2 1/2 weeks now. My face improve at first (2nd week of regimen) but i've been getting new few spots lately.

Does this happen to you guys? Should i pop them out or leave them for a while to let the bp kill them???

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