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liver flush

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hi....i'm going to do a liver flush..i got a recipe off this website...and on it it says:

*strongly advised: nightly enemas and/or daily psyllium/bentonite shakes and/or 1 tsp cream of tartar in a mug of hot water upon rising and just before bed. does this mean that i can do the cream of tartar thing.. instead of an enema...and it'll have the same effect??...

im assuming i drink the cream or tartar rite??.... this is soo confusing??!!...


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i don't know who recommended that, but you definitely shouldn't just do a liver flush and follow it with nothing but cream of tartar. it'll likely end up making your skin a lot worse. when you do a liver flush, tons of toxins are released, and you need to get them out very quickly. this means ideally colonics, or at least enemas or salt water flushes.

read this:

- what you need to know to liver flush safely and effectively

Before you flush:

1. Do enough bowel management to have clean, well-shaped bowels as indicated by normal stools and transit times. Schedule a colonic for post-flush, and even pre-flush if you can, or have some other way to flush the bowels arranged.

2. Soften/dissolve the stones.

3. Consider correct amount and type of Epsom salts, oil, etc. They may be contra-indicated by kidney issues, for instance, or the flush recipe you read may have been written for 200 pound people, not 100 pound people.

4. It helps to prepare your digestion by fasting and drinking digestive tea.

During the flush:

1. Keep peppermint candies handy, they help settle the stomach.

2. You can lie any way that is comfortable. A heating pad or castor oil pack is nice. DO raise your upper body on some pillows tho, you need a bit of gravity helping you out. If you lie perfectly flat, things might "backflow" and you'll get nauseous and perhaps vomit.

3. Consider massaging the upper-right (your right) quadrant of the abdomen, where the liver is, by reaching under the ribs and pushing down towards belly button to help stones and oil move.

4. Consider doing 2 doses of oil so you can back out should you feel nauseous.

5. Even if you don't plan on using Epsom salts, have some there at the ready in case a stone gets stuck in the bile duct or constipation results.

Post-Liver Flush:

1. You must clean out the stones and toxins released ASAP starting with the morning after. The more flushing the better. Colonics, salt water flushes, enemas, colemas, saline laxatives, whatever you can do, preferably 3 times the week following.

2. Emergen-C helps with the hangover.

3. Only eat plain, bland food, preferably cooked and easy to digest. Kichadi, hot cereal, fruit compote, soup.

4. Wait at least 3 weeks before the next flush.

5. Consider doing other forms of liver management. Flushing is not always the entire answer.

6. Don't worry if you get very emotional post-flush. It's common to release emotions, or have toxins hit the brain in such a way that you end up getting irritable, angry, tearful, etc.

7. Expect to see strangely colored stools for awhile. If you see very pale, gray stools and have discomfort in the upper-right quadrant of the abdominal area, where the liver is, you may have a stuck stone and should do a mini-flush of two tablespoons oil followed by a Cleansing Drink.

And most importantly, know your options! so you can design the most comfortable and effective flush for you.

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thanks for the reply :D ..... im still a little confused (sry 4 all the questions)....heres what im gonna do... according to what i've read:.. 3 days straight eat golden delicious apples, 3-4 litres water/day with 1 fresh squezed lemon diluted per litre. .....4th day eat 4 apples by noon, nothing after, 6PM drink 1 cup water w/ 1 tbsp epsom salts 8PM repeat 9:45PM mix 200ml organic virgin olive oil with 1 fresh squeezed lemon.

10PM drink whole oil/lemon mixture standing next to bed..get into bed lie down on left and raise right leg up to chest... NEXT MORNING.. 7AM drink 1 cup water w/ 1 tbsp epsom salts 9AM repeat 11AM start to drink fresh veg or fruit juice 12PM 1 kiwi, 1 carrot, 2 apples, 1 orange, 1 half cucumber, 1 celery stalk

6PM regular food but keep it light.....

i really dont want to do an enema.... are ther any alternatives?.... what are psyllium/bentonite shakes.. and when do you drink them?...before the liver flush/after..everyday??.. morning/evening??.... also where can you buy them??.....im soo sorry 4 all the questions.. i really want to start this liver flush and do it right so i can get my life back!!!

thanks so much 4 the time!!


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psyllium is a fiber so it helps move things through you faster, and bentonite clay supposedly absorbs lots of toxins. but P&B shakes really aren't enough by themselves after a liver flush. colonics or enemas or salt water flushes are not optional; they're necessary... UNLESS you do a slow version of liver flushing, which is described in 'liver management' in the FAQ on askshelley.com.

do you already have regular bowel movements every day? like at least one bowel movement a day, preferably more? because if you don't, then you shouldn't just jump into liver flushing. you'll have to do bowel cleansing first.

if you are already "regular", then you can start liver cleansing, but you probably need to do more than just liver flushing, or you might not need to flush at all. you probably need to take herbs: i'd recommend taking Chinese Bitters from www.sensiblehealth.com or Planetary Formulas Bupleurum Liver Cleanse. again, read through 'liver management' for other things you should take.

where is your acne on your face? is it on your forehead? cheeks? chin? exactly where it is will tell you what kind of cleansing you need to do. read: http://www.askshelley.com/faq.php?p=default&cat=53#a148 (also, it's not mentioned there, but i've found that cheek acne is related to bowels.) although most people need to do bowel and liver cleansing at least.

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thanks 4 the reply! :D ... so u can do a salt water flush after a liver flush..instead of an enema.. correct?.. umm ok...bowel cleanse b4 the liver flush... i read that you can take flaxseed or 1tsp olive oil 1-3x day to help cleanse the bowel.... how long do u have to do this 4?.....

ok....and im still confused about the liver flush thing...and wen exactally u do a salt water flush or drink those shakes...

3 days stright :only golden delicios apples 3-4 litres water with fresh lemon

4th day : eat 4 apples by noon nothing after

6PM drink 1 cup water w/ 1tsp epsom salts

8PM repeat

10PM drink whole oil/lemon mixture standing next to bed (200ml olive oil 1 fresh squeezed lemon)

5th day:

7AM drink 1 cup water w/ 1 tbsp epsom salt

9AM repeat

11AM fresh veg/fruit juice

12PM 1 kiwi 1carrot 2 apples 1 orange 1/2 cucumber 1 celery stalk

6PM reg food.. but keep it light

could someone please outline for me when exactally im supposte to do the salt water flush.. and/or take the shakes.... during all 5 days??... just at the end??... morning?.. night??

THANKS!! (sry 4 the all the questions!!).. ur help is GREATLY appriecated!! :D

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well do you already have daily bowel movements, or not?? you have to do bowel cleansing until you have 1-3 BMs a day without the aid of laxatives... for some people, that requires MONTHS of bowel cleansing, to retrain the bowels.

don't use that liver flush recipe. if you eat only apples for 3 days straight, you'll have to do an enema each night or morning... you can't do a salt water flush during this time because salt water flushes can only be done when you're fasting (when you have no meals in you) OR in the morning after you have a bowel movement if you're certain that you have no food left in you. if you're just eating apples, you probably won't have a bowel movement.

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