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Accutane Log

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Well I just started off Accutane 3 days ago. I'll post some info about myself first:

-> Male

-> 70 Kgs

-> Soon to be 18 years old

-> Dosage i'm on is 40 mg/day

DAY 1 & 2 - Headaches and I felt really tired...

Today is DAY 3 and i've noticed my skin got a lot better..

Unfortunately I got this rash on my head... And my scalp feels really itchy ...

I never had a rash before, this feels really wierd and I'm worried not to be something serious.

The rash looks like 20 or so small pimples on my head.. and I can't really see well cuz of the hair..

It's itchy and annoying :doubt:

------- No initial breakout yet. Lips or face isn't dry yet, I've been moisturizing however.

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Lips aren't dry yet. My skin is peeling off a litle.. I see flakes especially in the cheek area.

Hair is very itchy and has tiny litle skin flakes that look like dandruff, but it also feels like a rash.. :(

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I started on 1/11 too, except I'm only on 20mg a day until my next appointment. I've noticed my lips are drier, and the skin on my nose is starting to flake.

Not so bad, yet.

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