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I was just thinking has anyone used retin A long term.

I used it for 2-3 months when i was 18 for cystic acne on my chin. It made my chin look really flaky and awful but a year later my chin was completely clear. Since then i have not had a single big blemish on my chin.

Then i started breaking out on my cheeks, but i didn't use anything really, just took minimycin which did nothing. I still break out on my cheeks often.

Anyway i was thinking if i applied retin A to my cheeks when i was 18 then it would of cleared me up(maybe) and since it does something to the sebacious glands(inhibits sebum production) then i could of been cleared and free from acne since, like my chin area.

Anybody have similar thoughts or experiences?

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retin a works real nice in the long term. i've been on it about 8 months and it has made a huge difference. i do still occassionally get pimples, but they are all miniscule. also, retin a basically puts the pimples you get on fast forward. even the largest zits i get are completely gone in 2-3 days with no red mark, as long as i don't pick at them. the best thing about it is its ability to clear left-over marks. it's a big security, that even having a breakout will go down very quickly. it would seem impossible for me to ever get a scar at this point because the retin a doesnt allow pimples to get to that point. i use it at night along with triaz wash in the morning. thats it. pretty simple. granted i would like my pimples to stop all together so that i would be 100% clear, but i'm only 16, and nearly done growing hair on my face, so i would hope that when i sort of finish my cycle, the acne will go down enough so that i can be completely clear all the time. what i don't understand is how some guys get their skin to look like girls skin. obviously they dont have acne, but what products would you use to get your skin like paper as i see some pretty boys have it.

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my guess is that it was not retina that cleared ur chin, just time. is a normal pattern ( i had the same pattern) to start getting pimples on chin and or around the mouth. then a while later acne moves to cheeks or other parts of face, while chin becomes clear.

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i've been on retin a off and on for almost a year and i am clear. Now i only use it once a week and u my skin just feels better when I use it when i don't use it for a while i'm still good. When i first got it for about 5 monts i didn't use a moisturizer or sunscreen i'm paying for that now for not listening to derm ](*,) acnes gone dryness is in

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definitely large empty pores around the insides of my cheeks. thats where my acne was worst. now i dont break out there at all anymore, but i do have lots of empty open pores. it has done wonders for the red marks and mild scarring i had there before. that whole area still ahs a pink tint to it, but its not pimples its just healing skin.

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well i use the 2.5bp in the morning and some 0.1% retin-a at night. i've been on the retin-a for almost a year, and i hardly see any more whiteheads. but i still have lots of marks from old acne to get rid off.

i would have to agree retin-a is good for the long term

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