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Has anyone here ever had facial warts removed?

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My derm says I have little warts on my face. They're very tiny and hardly visible to the naked eye, but the doc says they will eventually spread and grow in size. The removal process involves the warts being coterized (I believe that means burning them off or something), with your face being anesthesized an hour before the procedure. I'm worried they'll scar or hurt horribly. Has anyone ever had this done before? Help... :D

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It sounds like if you wait it will grow bigger. Then if you have it removed when it's bigger then the possible scar will be bigger. I don't think you will get a scar from this but maybe some hypopigmentation. It depends on how deep the Doc goes to get it off. I think you should discuss using another treatment instead because just cutting it off may mean that it can grow back. Ask you Doc if it will grow back with his treatment of choice?

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what are these facial warts like. The reason I ask is because I have developed this ...I don't know what to call it..I have a dark mark on my cheeck and if you touch it you can feel a little bump underneath.Don't know if it's some sort of pimple or something.Any idea what it might be?

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For warts (and also for you, not2bad), try this :

1. slice or crushed (preferably organic) garlic, put it on the wart (bump), cover with band aid and leave it over night. Do it every night for a week. If it didn't work :

2. dab (preferably pure raw) honey on wart (bump), cover with band aid and leave it over night. Do it every night for 2 weeks. If it didn't work either:

3. put castor oil (the odorless & tasteless one is ok) on the warts (bump), twice or 3 times daily, for 3 weeks. If it still didn't work....

I am sorry, you just have to go to your derm. :D

Note: you can just try honey or castor oil if you are not too crazy about garlic. :D

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