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I just brought Neutrogena SkinClearing Series which includes Foaming Wash, Toner and Essence.

Anyone tried it before? It's a new product which is available in Singapore.

I liked it although it did not contain any BP.

I find that dan's regimen is too harsh for my skin and i have a few pimples.. i don't have acne.

So i decided to try on this new products, it includes salicylic acid in the foaming wash and essence. natural plant extract in the foaming wash and toner. Retinol (pure vitamin a) in the essence.

I have used Neutrogena Pore Refining Range too but i didn't like the cleanser. The toner and the essence still works well.

I love the skinclearing foaming wash because it foams instantly and it's very gently on my skin.

SkinClearing Series cost more than Pore Refining Range but it's worth it.

Hope someone who uses it will reply to this post.



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jus to let u koe tat u are not alone, cos i just started using his product for abt 2wks liaoz. previously i was using proactiv solutions ( tat contained BP ). i was on proactiv for abt 1 & half yrs already, it help me alot but as i had acne since i was primary 6 i had scars due to frequent popping of pimples with my fingers ( which is a bad habit ) :D .

it was only 3 weeks ago when i saw the ad. on TV ( by the korean VJ Nara Kim ) promoting the new Neutrogena SkinClearing Series. i dun koe y but i had the urge to try it. Hence, a week later, i went to GUARDIAN to buy the complete set. i muz admit that it is quite EXPENSIVE ](*,) S$67.70, but if compared to proactiv S$79.90, the SkinClearing Series is more affordable lar :D .

after one week, my skin complexion improve ( @ first i had lots of scars ) and became more rosy on my cheeks. Texture of skin also improve slightly.... however i think we muz bear in mind that visible results will oni be seen after 4 weeks of use. Hence, i think i would be using the SkinClearing Series for now and stop using Proactiv.

Good to koe that someone else like u is also using SkinClearing Series... @ least got someone to accompany me ..... HAHAHA :D

Good luck =P~ and hope to hear from u

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Yeah! Cool you use that too...

I use proactiv too, it's good but the cleanser sucks..

didn't like to use it.

The results of proactiv reduce a lot of my pimples.

Although i dun really have acne,

the complexion of my skin improve after using skinclearing series.

I agree it's expensive.. lol

S$18.90 for foaming wash, S$18.90 for toner and S$29.90 for essence.

Compare to other Neutrogena products like Pore Refining, it's way more expensive.

But i like the foaming wash, it's really really gently and nice feeling.

Toner works great and Essence improve my complexion.

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yoz bro...

intro pls... mi is male 17 :D hope to chat wit u online soon...

haiz... jus wanna koe do u have frequent out-break of pimples ? cos i do hav wheneva i m STRESS ](*,) haiz .... :D

personally, i think tat the mask in the proactiv solutions help mi the most ( i feel that the mask is as gd as neutrogena on-the-spot treatment cream )

anyway, actualli do u koe the difference between acne and pimples ??? at first i thought acne is somewhat a more serious codition as compared to pimples but after reading an article in a mag. i think tat both are somehow similar... haiz BLURR liaoz :roll:

for mi school gonna start liaoz cos i going polytechnic ... u lei ??? studying or working ???

hope to cya soon online O:) and take care



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Hi :D I have a problem that really stress me out. Bumps i guess, its small/tiny invisible. It somehow started to spread to other parts of my face. :D It cannot be seen from far and i tried many products.However it getting worst.

Skinclearing series is too expensive for me.Any recommended product?

My regimen : J & J top to toe wash ( as i cant find purpose liquid in spore)

Others else. What wrong with my regimen ?

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yoz gal...

if skinclearing is too ex then maybe u can try DAN's regimen which all in all shld be less than S$30.00 (est. cost)

i dun tink the j & j top to toe wash will help to combat ur prob... try using products that contain BP (BENZOYL PEROXIDE) or SA (SALICYLIC ACID) and also try not to wash your face too often ( 2x a day will do )

hope tat works ....



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yoz evesun...

after reading all ur pevious posts i think my advice to u is probably to use the neutrogena on-the-spot treatment cream as i find it good on swallowness on skin ( spots like urs )

piggy_balls O:)

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I use oxy 5 before. It smell sucks ? I wash my face 2x per day. Hardly use SA,somehow not really big difference. Bp?I use 2 years ago.. so i forgot about the result :-s

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