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Neck has gone cystic crazy

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My neck is going absolutely cystic acne crazy right now, i mean i've had enough cystics to last my a year, and more than i ever usually get in a week, at the moment there coming up 1 after another or 1 is coming up before the even is even gone, i dont understand what i've done to make them come up like this except drink milk which is summat that usually makes my face worse, does anyone know if BP would work on the neck only as its the only place i really get cystic and does anyone have any tips to handling cystics.? Thanks :pray:

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usually bp makes it worse and red for me. but everyone is different. Try milk of magnesia, put a thin coat on at night and if I am not going any where when I get off of work, I put a dab of bp on the acne and then wash off at night in shower and then MOM, it takes the redness away and seems to take it down faster. You could try it, good luck, acne on the neck is so hard to clear for me, I get that type of acne when I eat pork products or nuts, so I feel for you. Good luck, also I just remembered, some one told me to ice it also and that seems to take it down too.

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Damn i can relate, I stopped using razors when shaving because it gives me a rash on my neck. So i resorted to using an electric shaver, and well now i got cysts all over my fuking neck. What a great way to spend $200


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