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Da Real BucK

New here... few questions.

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Hi all I'm new here. Seems like a pretty intelligent place so I was hoping for a few opinions on somethings.

My routine is usually wash St. Ives Apricrot scrub in the morning and at night use Differein for my whole face and Benzaclyn for spot treatment. Anyone use any of these? are they known not to work? I guess it helps... but not that much for me. I used to use Cetaphil wash and I switched to Apricot scrub and I think it got better.

Anyways I'd like to get some other things clear.

1.) I dont have city water, so is it true that the water from the pump underground cause acne?

2.) Is it bad to use hot water on the acne?

3.) Is it bad to let shampoo and/or other hair products run through ur face when using?

4.) Is shaving better or worse for acne? or shaving over pimpes? How about shaving against the hair? Does any of these actions irritate it more?

Thanks in advance

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1.) I think it might be dirtier and have bacteria... but dont worry! you can easily solve this. Get water from your pump or w/e and boil it in a pot to kill all the bacteria, and there you go clean water.

2.) Its not bad to use hot water on your face, maybe too hot is bad, but hot water just opens your pores (means w/e ur using can get into ur pores easier)

3.) I don't think it's ideal, but it wouldnt obliterate your face, just try not to let it get on your face.

4.) Shaving cuts the heads off pimples, and that allows for more bacteria and crap to get in and infect it more, try using an electric razor (I use one) or the razor Dan found that is really sensitive.

As for the St Ives. I used apricot scrub when i had no idea what I was doing about my acne. Basically, i raped my face with it, the little rocks or w/e that exfoliate just grinded into my face and hurt like a pooper. But then again, it worked for my friend- he just scrapes the crap out of his face with it and his face kinda says like "please dont use that harsh crap on me so hard and i wont make more pimples" i guess...cause he just scraped the crap out of his face and it went away. But it didn't work for me.

Ive never tried differin, but I did go on Retin-A, yet again i had no idea what I was doing so I didnt even know i had to moisturize, basically my face looked like a nasty flakey piece of sandpaper...quite gross, one guy said that i needed to shave, but then hes like OMFG thats skin, fucking sick. So anyway do whatever you want, I dunno if Differin or Retin-A work, but I'm watching this regimen work right now, im so close to clear i can taste it...wait tasting bp is bad for you- nvm. But I'm pretty close :-D

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I'd recommend against shaving against the grain of your hair. I found I would get ingrown hairs/pimples from doing this. I also had the same problem when using electric razors because you essentially have to go back and forth to get a close shave. But... chopsui just recommended an electric razor so I guess that proves we're all different.

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It's best to use warm water when washing your face. Cold water doesn't clean as well and hot water irritates and overdries.

As for shampoo, just make sure to rinse your face and body well after you shampoo (especially true for conditioner) and wash your face after you shampoo.

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