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If acne physically manifested itself as a person..

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Guest tenshigirl25

so its this acne person that has cursed me with this disease?..I'd say what was your purpose? I feel so hopeless..why did u do this to me?..I feel so ugly..im not going to hate u, berate u..but i will try to overcome u and lose u...so acne, get outta my way..it's my life..and today is another day..

lol..i tried.

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Stab it, Drown it, Smash it, Shoot it, Set it on fire, freeze it, Toture it, and let it live with tons of scars that he can't get rid of :wall: no matter what he does :)

Go me :dance:

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Hello, my name is Jim

And I'm going to kill you

Because you're a piece of fucking shit.

Poety at its finest right there.

I like that one.

Here is mine. A haiku:

Die Mr. Acne

In your watery grave now

Sleep forever thanks


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Hello, my name is Tom

Look what you have done

Spots on my face I feel complete waste of space

Why pick me you made girls frighted of me

I am love with a girl her name is Rhian

See looks at my face and could'nt give a damn.

The sad thing is this is true :(

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Hmm, in a poetic manner, I would probably express myself as so:

Because when you're miserable,

You need someone,

Even more miserable,

than yourself

The ones who aren't human

The ones who aren't people

Are you

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If I met acne as a person.. I would not recite poetry to him/her.. haha I would pretty much shoot and attack repeatedly.. and without notice.. ya know.. just kind of like jump on them from nowhere.. and tear them to pieces..

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I'd slather it in benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid and all the other otc products I've used over the years, and shove all these useless antibiotics down its throat just so it knows how it feels.

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hello mr. acne

u appeared on face

then u made my life miserable

and u blew away my self esteem

and made my confidence a 0

do u believe in karma?

i certantly do


as a gift in return

i will, hmmm.....?

beat you and break all your bones then i will lock you in a microwave and and press 1 min 50 times and you will slowly burn, blister and eventually explode,

now we are even...

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Sit acne down, buy them a drink and thank them for the experience. Al though during it I didn't care for the 'acne' period in my life much I didn't let it stop me doing things. If anything acne made me more determined to do better and strive for more. I now look great, feel great and know what its like to feel neither.

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Guest james11

I'm surprised you all havn't said "ACNE, i lather you in BP 10%". It's just that most of the people on here love that shit!

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People people people! Come on you have it ALL wrong. I would treat this mother focker to dinner and a movie . . . that way he will grant me release from his relentless mother focking grip!

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