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How often do you wash your face a day?

How often do you wash your face a day?  

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  1. 1. How often do you wash your face a day?

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I wash my face 3 times a day. Once in the AM, once after work to get the makeup and/or daily grime off, and then once right before bed - since usually I build up sweats and oilies from doing house chores.

I am just curious as to what others do.

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As above.

As above... which amazingly enough leads to more aboveness....

Oh and you should only wash 3 times if you play a sport during the day involving some helmet touching your face. Dont worry about sweating, its actually good to clear out the pores. Thats why people notice an improvement when they excercise and workout. You generally shouldnt wash 3 times a day, it may irritate the skin and make acne worse.

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I'd prevented myself from washing more than twice a day. After one month my oiliness had symply desappeared.

So I don't think washing 3 times a day is a good thing... Try to let your skin alone to prevent it from reacting by more oil and irritation...

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I'll give the only twice a day a shot, but I've done it for so many years - it is going to feel really really strange.

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