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Christina ~

Gotta get out of this pattern!

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Hi everyone. I've been posting for awhile and my regimen is working really well for me. I usually only get one or two pimples in a week, they're small and gone in a day or so (if not i just stop by my derm and get them injected)

However i'm going to be moving. And my routine is going to have to change.

Has anyone been in this sort of a situation before? i've become really accustomed to having my 2 long showers a day and using lots of BP at night etc. etc. but now thats going to have to alter as i'm going to be probably living with my boyfriend and his family which is fantastic..but i don't want to be an imposition that hogs bathroom time and water use (of course i'll be contributing to hydro etc. but regardless)

Has anyone had to alter a routine that worked for them for years and if so what did you find? Were you able to make the transition to a more low maintenance one and did it work? i'm a bit curious if everything i'm doing isn't all overkill anyways but i'm really nervous about taking away my regimen security blanket so to speak!

Let me know if you have any advice!

oh and for the record!




-wash face with spectro gel

-use dalacin T on forehead

-light moisturize with neutrogena moisture for sensitive skin everywhere else

-take 100mg of Minocycline.

-take 2 asprin if have pimple and it appears irritated/inflamed



-wash face with spectro gel

-apply copious amounts of benzamycin

-take 100mg of Minocycline

-take DIANE 35

-take 2 asprin if have pimple and it appears irritated/inflamed


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actually it does concern me! and my boyfriend too, i know the minocycline will be stopping hopefully in a few months (they want to replace with Sprio just to keep things under control as i get clear and then seem to suddenly flare up not badly but enough that it bothers me as it gets really persistent with more than a couple of pimples week after week)

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i try not to take it too often, but lately i've been getting very reactive skin (allergy etc.) and have been taking it as it seems to help some weird irritation/redness i have around my eye. My derm doesn't know what causes it but it comes and goes and when its there to bring down inflammation i'll take the asprin.

I try to avoid daily dosing tho.

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hey I'm going to be in the same boat us you soon (only I'll be living with my grandma and granpa ;)) I don't know what I'm going to do, but when ever I go up to there house for a visit my skin gets better. Maybe my skin will just clear up being there.

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