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not acne scars... but..

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This is very odd. Im only 18 and I looked at my back in the mirror the other day... and well I have a bunch of red lines on my back, they are bright red and it looks terrible I want to die. I think they are stretch-marks? Does anyone know anything I can do? Im going on vacation soon to myrtl beach and if this doesnt go away I wont go swimming or anything like that, basically ruin my entire time. I don't understand how I got them, Im not overweight at all and i havn't lost or gained any weight


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It is just bad cuz im going on vacation and all that stuff. Im 5'10 145 pounds. My family can't believe it, my dad didn't know what the hell they were. 'sigh'

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Yeah I have them too for some reason, whenever I go swiming people say I look like I was wiped. But mine are actually pretty cool if you ask me :D

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Wow! Both me and one of my close friends have them too...seems they're fairly common. He got his a while back and they have faded significantly, but mine are so bad that they hurt sometimes (must be something to do with the thinning of the skin). When people ask about them I just say that I was attacked by a bear...usually wins their favour :D

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Well now you can empathise with women all over the world who have stretch marks. I would wear sun block to keep the sun from the marks and eventually they will fade a bit, but never go away. :D

Maya has been working on hers with some treatments, but I believe the stretch marks need to be older and not red anymore.

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Stretch marks aren't so bad. A lot of people have them. I have around 15 on my back. Heh. When I run my fingers down my back it feels like corduroy cause theres so many. I also have 10 or so on each of my thighs and 5 or 6 on each shoulder.

Actually I'm proud of my stretch marks, each one is like a medal. I weightlift so most of my marks come from bulking up.

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OK...as I mentioned previously, I have these on my back...just as other people have described, bright pink and they feel like coudory (sp?). Anyway, I went to my derm last week and she checked them out, didn't know what they were, took some photo's and decided to show them around with the other doctors and get their opinions. This week, I got this letter back...

"Dear Mr Moffat

I discussed yout striae (stretch marks) with Dr Griffiths and she suggested that you try applying Adapalene to those areas as there is some evidence that retinoids will improve the appearance of these while they are in their active red stage. I hope this is helpful.

Yours sincerely


SpR in Dermatolagy"

Adapalene is the Differin gel that I am currently using (see Personal Regimen Logs forum). So I guess that anyone who is on a topical retinoid could try it out and see if it helps [-o<

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