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FULL skin care program and ACCUTANE

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hey guys. i would like your opinion on the best full skin care treatment while on 100mgs of accutane/day. here is my info: 5'9", 200lbs, 15% bodyfat [extra weight for lacrosse/defending... losing it for soccer/attack], healthy diet, almost 17 years old. my acne is not too severe. i rarely get cysts and i never get blackheads. however, i do have a good amount of scars and red marks, and i scar easily. as of right now, this is my supply list for skin:

-Coppertone Sport Sunblock [spf 30 UVA, UVB] - an alcohol based gel with no oil

-Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer [spf 15 with parsol 1789]

-Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser [for normal to oily skin]

-Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar

-Neutrogena 2.5% Vanishing BP Cream


-wash hands with cetaphil bar

-gently wash face with cetaphil cleanser

-pat dry

-apply any toner i find in the closet with cotton pad

-wait 5-10mins

-use neutrogena bp to spot treat problem areas if there are any

-wait 5-10mins

-apply cetaphil moisturizer

20 mins before going outside: apply coppertone 30spf gel

night or after intense physical activity:


-clean all over with cetaphil bar

-shampoo hair

-gently wash face with cetaphil cleanser

-pat dry

-apply any toner

-wait 5-10 min

-apply any old moisturizer that looks good

note: i do not shave. i am letting my facial hair grow as of last week. i don't know how long i will keep this up, but i haven't gotten any new pimples in the areas i normally shave, so i guess the irritation is bad for me.

now i think my morning protocol is pretty solid. however, i would love to know a better facial cleanser that you guys have used. i can wash twice a day while on accutane, because i never get too oily, but i should really find a different cleanser. for some reason cetaphil's sensitive skin cleanser makes me a bit dry. and using a bar to clean my skin just irritates it.

also: what should i put on at night?? copper peptides? vitamin k cream? vitamin c serum? should i encorporate aloe vera into my routine? i can buy a large plant for fairly cheap. how about neutrogena's multivitamin acne treatment at night? i was thinking that maybe the salicylic acid would not be a good addition, but i dunno. any good recommendations for toners?

lastly: i don't mind this cetaphil moisturizer, but i think that finding a good one with spf30 or higher included would be a great idea. applying sunblock on top of the moisturizer on top of the bp has got to be bad... all that extra rubbing at my face. should i be using spf 60 anyways?

sorry about the long post guys, i really appreciate the help.

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-Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser [for normal to oily skin] 

-Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar 

-Neutrogena 2.5% Vanishing BP Cream

Firstly stop using these whilst on accutane. You should not use other products whilst on accutane and at especially such a high dose as ure skin is very sensitive at this time.

Only use water in the shower. As for a moisturiser if you are in the UK look into Urban Rites moisturiser, its awesome.

-Take it easy & pm me if u want any help

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I tried the only water thing... I end up stinking and breaking out :] but i will ditch the BP as per your recommendations, or only use it for really bad spots. unfortunately i am not in the UK

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I end up stinking and breaking out

lol i meant only use water on your face, the rest of the body is fine. After a few eeks you will notice dry skin on your body, look into johnsons baby oil. You put it on when your all wet and just ogt out of the shower its really really good for moisturising the body......just dont put it on your face.

Speak to your derm about the other products you are using and see what he thinks.

-Take it easy

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