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A new soap that seems to be working...

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Well my mom had told me about this soap in the past, but I tried it for a week and then let it go (I was a teenager then with little to no patience). The other day my face was looking bad, I had broken out alot and all over so suddenly. Well my mom said " try this soap for a month and I promise you will see results". SO I did, its my 3rd day on it and it seems to be doing something. I have nnot used a cleanser at all, I wash with this soap in the morning, and at night I make a thick lather and leave it on my skin, it dries up quickly so I dont have to worry about leaving a mess on my face. This soap is made from olive oil and Laurel Oil, its all natural and cheap too! Just go to any middle eastern market (or maybe a health food store) and they should have it. Here is what the soap looks like, but once again dont buy it online if you have a mid eastern market near you!BTW this soap lasts for ages!!


I will keep you guys updated on how it goes. I have to give it a month, and honestly I'm tired of putting chemicals on my face or bp which makes me look like this :wub: without the hearts lol.

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Scary -- I realize you're not eating it, but Laurel is toxic. I would worry about absorbing it through my skin (prob another of my totally irrational fears, but until I know otherwise . . .)

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Its funny bp has makes my skin react so badly, but this stuff doesnt, so I'm not sure but I'll keep trying it, and it seems to be improving my skin by the day... ;)

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