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Should i go on accutane?

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i wanna go on accutane cuz nothing else "cured" my acne. my derm tells me everytime to go in cuz i got moderately severe acne and it scars bad. I'm not sure if i should because it's such a dangerous drug. Who knows what can happen while on it. I don't know i think ill go on it cuz my acne is causing scarring and will not go away no matter what.

in the past 4 years i tried antibiotics, BP, sallycilic acid, sulphur, green tea, B-5, multivitamin (broke me out bad), i used colon cleanse pills, alot of teas, cetaphil cleanser, capsiderm cleanser, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and i was on smoothbeam (laser acne removal which didnt do shit), etc. yea i pretty much tried everything and here i am still getting moderate breakouts with about 3 cysts per month. I have enough scars already but no really deep ones, just moderate scars.

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Well, going on accutane is a personal choice. It's something that you have to determine if you want to get into. It probably is going to clear your skin for the most part- but you risk some side effects with it. I dont believe that all the "bad" side effects are common, and more than likely would not happen to you. You will get dry lips, eyes, skin, hair, etc- But usually thats the worst it gets.

However, You are taking a risk when using this medication- and the point is just to be aware of that. Like I said before, you really have to make the choice yourself. I think you should read a few journals, look up some information from a reliable source.. and make an educated decision. Also, arm yourself with questions for the derm when you go back about the drug and what can potentially happen. That way, the derm knows you arent stupid or careless.

Good luck with everything. I tried to get accutane a few times and couldnt. Apparently my acne isnt bad enough- But it still hinders my life because, well- I guess I am vain? Whatever. lol, If you can get the drug- I would take it. Just my 2 cents.

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