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Ok, now this may sound crazy, but does anybody find that when your at work your skin becomes more greasy and acne prone??

I have a normal office job, not really too stressful but I find throughout the duration of the day my skin gets really really greasy, as opposed to the weekends, or any days of I have off when my skin seems to be pretty normal.

Is it just me or does anybody else have similar experiences??.

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When I used to work in offices my skin would seem to get oilier, it might have been a combination of stress and the stale air (the air system recycling the same air throughout the whole building). Now I work FT at home in the country with less stress and more fresh air, and it seems to have made a difference.

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probably cause on the weekend ur outside more active. give this a try take ur shower dont use any cleanser, medications, or moisturizer just let the luke warm water soak ur face then lightly dab ur face with a wet rag and tad wipe gentley. then put your face back in the luke warm water and let the water on ur face air dry. it just might help and dont touch ur face with ur hands all throughout the day

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Yes, I always get acne working in the office I work in, seriously I have this silly conspiracy that working there GIVES me the zits. 'cause Before I go to work I look fine, but by the time I am getting off work and coming home I look HIDEOUS!

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Same here ManBurning.Crazy isnt it??.

After being in work for about 20 mins im fine and then all of a sudden I can feel a film of oil spread across my face. Im sure 90 percent of my spots I get are from work.

Cant usually wait to get home to wash it off, but even after washing on a work night the oil still seems to be a little apparent.

Like I said in my original post, come the weekend, my skins Hunky Dory.

Werd huh?!

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