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is accutane the answer?

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hey. Im new to the boards. anyway, was on the regimen for approx 6months and had some success when i stuck to it. but then i went back to my gp and explained the regimen who said all im doing is pushing the problem back inside. yet he wouldnt recommend accutane. iv had acne since i was about 14 and am now 19 and very fed up! iv tried all the usual suspects differin, retin-a, minocycline etc but without much improvement. face is red and marked. all i want is my pre-acne skin back! any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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so, you were having success with the Regimen, but when you told your gp he/she said you were just suppressing it, so you went off the Regimen? Has anything this gp prescribed cured you? If not then whatever he/she gave you was simply suppressing it also. There is no cure for acne, and your gp knows this, so I think his/her advice was pretty cruddy, imo. I think you should get a second opinion from an actual Dermatologist. GP's don't get alot of training in this, and he obviously hasn't helped you.

If the Regimen was working for you, then you can consider starting it back up. If your gp already said you don't qualify for Accutane, then you can consider getting a second opinion, if you really want it. A dermatologist will be more likely to prescribe it than a general practitioner anyway.

good luck with your decision.

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