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Bloodwork on Accutane - What are they testing for?

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I was wondering...when you go in to get bloodwork done for the next month's Accutane prescription, what exactly are they testing you for? I know that they're checking liver enzymes and cholestrol...anything else? And what can you do to reduce your chance of having inappropriate #s that may cause a delay in your prescription?

Please let me know! Thanks


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As far as I know, they only check your fats and liver enzyme counts, since accutane can raise your cholestrol and damage your liver. They want to make sure both are fine before starting treatment.

For the cholestrol thing, just eat healthy and you shouldn't have to worry about it (before starting the drug anyway, w/ accutane it might go up anyways). The liver thing is pretty much out of your control and as long as you don't have a hepatitis or whatever, your count should theoretically be normal if you are young and healthy. You might want to stop taking any antibiotics you are on for about a month or so before treatment though. I had been on doxycycline, then minocycline, then tetracycline, all in a row for about 3 years straight before getting considered for accutane. The 3 years straight apparently scarred my liver and I had a high count which took about a month to normalize. This doesn't always happen all the time though, but in rare occassions, such as mine, taking certain antibiotics for a prolonged period of time can damage your liver.

You might want to look up "Milk Thistle" online and see if you want to try taking that too to protect your liver. It's an herb supplement dealie and supposedly pretty safe.

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