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I am scarring =[

it sucks big time.

I was just wondering if they would either fade away after time or could i do some kind of treatment and get good results?


IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

this sucks : (

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Feel with you bro. I know how you feel...

Personally I would start with peels. Over a looong time I believe your scars would get better and better with peels...so that's the first step I would take....good luck!

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I think a ps would probably suggest resurfacing for you, because I have scars like those except a lot more of them, and that's what they suggested for me.

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Well I still havnt gottin rid of my acne.

so I think I should do so before I start treating my scars. I have a derm appointment on january 25th, & I am going to ask for accutane, since my doctor recommended it for me.

& once I am clear (hopefully). Then I can start to treat my scars.

& I REALLY hope I get good results. I dont want to be stuck with scars my hole life :(

What are peels? how do you use them & such? thnx

& is resurfacing like surgury that costs loads of money?

I would problee spend lots of money on getting rid of my scars since well I hate them!!


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Guest pokerbugg

yea, quit tripping, boo...u aight! aight?!!

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Have you ever considered looking up a professional tattoo artist? I personally think a few sessions with a good tattoo artist could yield some amazing results.

I also advocate needling on boxcars, and it looks to me that's what type of scars you have. I have performed on a few scars myself where some were completely eliminated and some are definitely improved. I also have done repeated peels, and while it works wonders for surface marks, blotching, etc. it really serves no purpose on indented scars (unless they're very superficial).

You might also want to consider punch grafts and dermabrasion. When done as a combo, some people have had significant improvement. There are a few on the board who have had this procedure.

I'm wishing you sucess! Good luck. - Miss-P

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Save some dough and get Fraxel done. Little if any side effects. I would not try anything harmful or potentially damaging on such minor scarring. Definately go on Accutane and make sure that the acne doesnt give u more scars.


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