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I realised something.....

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Well..i posted earlier about how i suddenly had a breakout after 2 mths on the regimen. Well...just to give you an idea of what i experienced.

At first (1-3weeks) evrything was fine..the bp gel worked well..absorbed well...dried off pimples

Then after the 4th week..i started getting a few dried patches that looked like sunburn..it was dry, rough and darkened skin on the areas i used bp.

The bp gel took forever to absorb.. using more moisturizer didnt help at all...one week later ,i started breaking out. At first it was one to 2 pimples..

I would apply more bp gel and stuff but the pimples didnt go away as quickly anymore..

Another week later..more pimples. I thought it was my method or products or something..which was weird since the same products worked well for the first 3 weeks and i wasnt doing anything differently. I was so frustrated!

Then when i posted about the breakout..someone suggested that it could be due to dead skin on the surface.

I thought about it and tried toning ( yea i know i'm not supposed to add any steps to the regimen) What i did was.. After washing with cetaphil..i wet a piece of facial cotton..squeezed out the excess water and applied a few drops of gentle toner to it (without alcohol and not vinegar as i didnt wanna irritate my skin). Then i VERY gently dabbed the areas that were patchy...and slowly started rubbing on the surface and around the pimples...all the black patches came away in bits and the cotton turned brownish. After a thorough yet gentle rubbing..i rinsed my face and examined it. The patches were gone.. my usual colour was back..my skin looked radiant. Bp gel as well as the moisturiser absorbed very well...

So my theory is that..applying the bp helps renew the surface skin. And the gentle cleanser we were supposed to use does not get rid of dead skin..so it accumulates on the surface and causes breakouts (which is why we all have breakouts on the regimen sometime or rather) So...we should tone once in a while when the skin starts to feel rough and then continue with the regimen. This clears the dead skin..and improves the skin texture and prevents breakouts. (but note: i think we shouldnt tone everyday...maybe once a week cause the regimen is already quite drying)

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I agree that a toner should be one of the first things someone works into the regimen, and if possible maybe Dan can come up with a gentle toner.

I tried using an AHA lotion, I ordered the Eucerin online and it came when Rita hit (I was out of town so I couldn't get to it right away), I tried Neutrogena's AHA but it DESTROYED my skin, so before I could get my hands on Eucerin I tried baking soda/vinegar. I had been on a four day break from the BP, did the baking soda/vinegar for a week along with the BP.. I was a bit dry but no flakes, no peeling, no redness. I just finally got my hands on some Eucerin, and my skin is feeling even smoother. My skin texture isn't exactly what I want it to be but compared to what I was experiencing without the toner/exfoliation I'm ecstatic.

Yea! i never knew the value of toning until i had this problem. I always thought it was redundant. :doh:

Btw..i did try the baking soda once or twice..nice but i read about a few people who started having milia from using it..so i stopped. Prevention is better than cure i guess :)

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