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i got a nodule or cyst type of pimple on my forehead. it looks like a 3rd eye!

its also turning purple, and have had it for 2 weeks now and it has not reached it peak yet!!

anyone have any advice on what to do? any creams or advice? I'm using retin a micro right now.


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Maybe a draw out salve will work. I've been using it on a cyst type lump and it seems to be slowly bringing it to the surface. I got it at Walgreens called somthing like ichthamal or something like that. Had to ask for it at the pharmacy and only cost like 3.59. It helps soften the top layer, prevent infection and somehow aids in bringing things to the surface possibly by softening the upper layer to allow the underlying cyst or boil (supposed to work for boils too) to be drawn out. It seems to really help.

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Oh, I forgot to mention it is black and has an odor and you must wear gauze or a bandage/ bandaid on it. I had the best luck since I used it for a few days, noticed only a slight difference, quit using it for a day and then began using it again. This is a stubborn lump too that I've been treating. I tried everything I could think of including 15% tca which basicly peeled off the top layer but got nowhere near the depth of the darn thing. This stuff after I skipped a day and began using it again, I could actually feel it working. Pretty remarkable and so cheap. There are more expensive and potent versions available but this was all I could find locally. I was trying to avoid an expensive trip to the derms office for a cortisone shot. Good luck. Ps, dont try and squeeze it prematurely cause it may rupture under the skin and be much worse to deal with. Thanks to a kind person from this website who reccommended this to me, I think I'm close to getting rid of this thing, it is much smaller and appears to be going away. :D

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go buy sulphur... i use "bye bye blemish" SULPHUR (it's a little bottle with pink sulphur in it). it's really good dries up everything.

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