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Please help!! Had these spots for years...

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Hey, well baiscally ive had these small pimples which are in large densitys around my t-zone; chin, around my mouth, nose and forehead. They are like imbedded underneath my skin... nothing ever comes out unless i squeeze REALLY hard n a tiny bit of white stuff comes out..but otherwise they are constantly there, in pimple form under my skin and never go. i have had them for about 2 years now sometimes they increase, decrease etc. At the moment they are in mass forms and its starting to spread ACROSS my face. I just wish the damn things would atleast FORM and get rid of the gunk or whatever then they can go! Has anyone else had these type of spots/pimples before? What types of products/treatment do you use? My doctor gave me brevoxyl: benzoyl peroxide cream which kinda just decreased the intensity but they still remain there... and it also gives me really bad dry skin which i hate and it itches like hell so i use it on and off, im also on antibiotics; doxycycline capsules which make me feel so sick but oh well. im not seeing any results at all and its all making me so depressed and i have no self esteem/confidence anymore. I think i may stop using the antbiotics because i have heard lots of negative things about them and i would prefer do it all naturally so i dont mess up my body. Can anyone please please please give me any advice on anything which may help? It would be much appreciated. xxx

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I had those too REALLY BAD on my cheeks, chin and forehead. Fortunately, I got on the regimen about a month ago and you wouldn't believe how smooth my skin is now.. They are pretty much all gone and my face looks great.

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