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My Results (so far) with Neutrogena Pore Refining Cream

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Hey guys!

Even though it's not really for acne, I figured that most people with acne

probably also have large pores and/or blackheads, so this thread may be of some help.

About two weeks ago, I bought the Neutrogena Pore Refining Cream. (I haven't tried the cleanser or toner yet as they are too expensive for my college student budget. The cream was like $14, and all the other ones were more or less the same price, give or take a few bucks.) Since then, the black heads that have been on my nose, exposed for everyone to see since I was 12, have virtually vanished. And they were big mo**er f**kers too. :^o When I squeezed them (which, btw, you should NEVER do, because then you'll just break out more [-X ) literally soft, but firm, plugs would come out. (Gross, I know.)

Now, the pores are barely visible. :D/ The only other thing that MAY be helping is using the pore strips, but I've been using those since they first came out with minimal results.

Anyway, the bottle says that it can be used as a moistureizer as long as you use sunscreen. However, for me, it makes me too greasy/oily looking to use both. I would suggest using it as a night cream on the areas where you have large pores and moisturizer and BP on the other areas.

Also, it's non-comedgenic (or however that's spelled). It doesn't say non-acnegenic or oil free, but so far, I haven't broken out on the areas where I apply the pore refining cream, and I never break out on my nose.

Anyways, hope this little thread in the great universe that is acne advice is able to help someone. :D

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I've also heard good things about this product, so I'll look into it because I have big pores and blackheads as well that could use a little refining :D Thanks for the info, dude!

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