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Bp gel in toronto?

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Hey everyone! Well i just started trying the regimen.... with cleansing bar/ neutro bp gel/ cetaphil moist and all, but i have 1 question. Are there any other bp gels around toronto area that are better then neutro? Its expensive... and "balls up" quite often.

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You can try Spectro Acne Care Vanishing Lotion BP 2.5%. That's what I'm using right now and it's clearing me up. Also it doesn't "ball up" when I use Cetaphil moisturizer. It's 25 ml for about $6.99. If you're just starting with one application a day then this should last you about 3 weeks. It's still expensive I know...*sobs

Or you can try PanOxyl, I can only find the 5% BP one. I heard there is a 2.5% version, but I tried and tried and I still can't find it.

But if you go to Shoppers, there's a whole bunch of BP products there but most of them are 5%.

Only small bottles have 2.5% such as neutro and spectro.

Hope this helps.

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Hmmm i see, thanks

I saw a clean and clear one as well, i think it was 2.5%... ever tried it?

The Clean&Clear Persa Gel is 5% (I know this because I use it :P). I LOVE this BP... The texture is thicker than the 2.5% ones (Oxy5 for sensitive skin, Neutrogena) but it absorbs better without ever leaving that tell-tale white smear that can sometimes appear with the 2.5%.

I used to use Oxy5 2.5% BP (for about a year) and I always had to be really careful otherwise white streaks would come up. Also, it was difficult to get the last little bit out of the little jar. Plus, it was still kind of expensive.

Clean&Clear Persa-gel5 is available at Wal-Mart for about $5.60 for a 28g tube. With generous once a day application, I can make one tube last me all month. :D

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I will definiately need to look into the Clean and clear gel...

How long did it take you guys to get "clear" skin?

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Solugel 4% is a bp gel available at Shoppers. Im using it right now with the clear skin regimen. its great stuff!
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Stick with the 5% BP, I find it more effective over the 2.5%

It's hard to say, because I used 2.5% for a while... but I definitely got clearer faster with the 5% than with the 2.5%, especially if you still apply generous amounts of it.

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