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The Tom

UK Oil Free Products

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After starting the regimen recently - and getting great results so far! - it struck me how difficult it is to find oil free products in the UK that aren't packed with SA or some other harsh products that'll dry the skin even more.

At the moment, I'm using L'Oreal Men Expert anti-tightness face wash, which has been good so far; and L'Oreal Men Expert anti-regreasing moisturiser, which has been fantastic. The moisturiser is a gel consistency, so it absorbs in really easily and the silica in it means it reduces the oil build up... it's not like some mattifying moisturisers that do nothing (Nivea For Men, for instance) it actually does work.

What I really want to know is if we could put together some sort of list of oil free/non-com products that are available in the UK, so it's easier for people to find them when they first come here. It would be a really useful thing for us all to have, so we know what's what.

I'll start with a few:

> Boots Botanics Pore Perfection range - I've found these to be really good and not harsh. They do moisturiser, foaming wash, and make up.

> AFAIK, the L'Oreal Men Expert anti-regreasing Moisturiser I'm using is non-com.

> Cetaphil claims to be non-com, though I've seen websites saying Cetyl Alcohol isn't. Cetaphil is available at www.pharmacy2u.co.uk

Come on people - add some more and hopefully we can build up some sort of definitive list!

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Guest mishmosh

Pears soap

Oxy on the Spot, Panoxyl BP creams

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i started the regimen just using Boots facial cleanser for all skin types...but i found after the first 2weeks, my skin got used to the bp, and this made it oily.

i now just use any cleanser with SA...try it if you have oilier skin..it doesnt make that much difference, but helps you stay clear :)

im having trouble with oil free moisturisers though...best 2 i have found are:

nivea visage oil free moisturising fluid, which helps regulate oil


Simple oil control shine manager moisturiser.

but again, these are probably best for someone with really oly skin.

best thing to do is use trial and error on products, depending on how oily your skin is i think.your skin will soon tell you if youre using something it doesnt agree with!:D

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