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Feeling very frustrated! My self esteem is so gone!!

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This is really driving me crazy.I've tried product after product to get rid of these nasty scars on my face. It's really hyperpigmented & everything. My body tone is so much smoother and lighter & just nice looking.While my face is oily.... very dark & uneven looking due to scars and acne I've had over the past years.My acne has stopped but it still left damage!I've just wasted my money on some dumb bleaching product that doesn't even do anything for my face but look the same!! ](*,) .I'm tired of people saying I would look cute if your scars & face lightened up, or you use to be cute but you're ugly now! I really regret not appreciating my face back then... it used to look so good!! I'd die for that face back!My mother won't bring me to a derm because she believe it is nonsense... I just want my last 2 years of high school to be my best.... Having beat up skin is not going to accomplish it! I think about this stupid face 24/7!! ](*,)

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I think maybe if your mom knew how much your acne and scars was affecting your self-esteem, then she would make an appointment for the derm. I mean, most mothers don't want their children upset or depressed. If you let her know how upset you are and really tell her how you feel, then maybe she'd do it. I think that a derm would be able to help you out.

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Believe me I used to be so concerned. Like the smallest spot, bump or anything of the matter would get me so sad. My skin is great, no scars, perfect texture. In which case that means that the slightest spot would get me so sad. Sure it's not as bad as your situation might be, but i know what it feels like to be depressed from your appearance. Ever since I begain working out, getting buff and sexxaaayyy :D my attention has completely went off my face and to other things: My body, clothing, etc. Now I don't really care even when I get a breakout. Plus, try to find other things that make you happy. I just got a home gym and that shit has made me so happy I'm just so glad for it that I dont have any room for depression. :D

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Now I don't really care even when I get a breakout...I dont have any room for depression.

Maybe you should change your signature then.

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I've tried product after product to get rid of these nasty scars on my face.

Why don't you list the things you've tried and also the exact type of scarring you have along with how much money you have to spend and I'm sure a few of us will try and recommend something for you. Don't give up. :D

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Why don't you list the things you've tried and also the exact type of scarring you have along with how much money you have to spend and I'm sure a few of us will try and recommend something for you. Don't give up.

I don't know what type of scarring I got. I don't know what's wrong with my face... It has scars.... healed scars but they won't heal completely to my original skin tone... They leave like dark areas. I am Brown skin but since my acne... I've gotten very dark in my facial features. My original tone is brown! I've tired products mostly from the store... all kinds but none of them ever seemed to effect me with my face in anyway. Not only do I need to get rid of these scars but my complexion is not smooth & young looking like did when I was younger.. My skin tone had a glowish brown to it.... Like if I was in the light.... it would kind of make me look lighter. That still goes on to my body which is the same tone it was since it didn't have to deal with acne.But my facial skin tone all over my face has gotten like 3 shades darker than my body.... strangely even in areas where I never broke out. It's mainly my cheek areas & forehead areas where these blemishes or half healed scars are! Thanks so much!! and I hope someone can help me!

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Thanks hello50 but is there anything besides that laser stuf that could work... Something I can buy off the store & don't have to resort to lengths to get good skin... I am about to put a link to a picture of me on here! It's not clear but it gives you just a overview of how light my body is compared to my face.... You cannot see the scars but you can see the hyperpigmentation on my face.... compare it to my arms.... that's how my whole body looks compared to my face! http://profiles.yahoo.com/eastsideboi2003

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No dude thats your problem

its not even extreme its like a 30 minute procedure and the worst that happens is your face swells

its a non ablative laser

not an actual one


go get an appointment.

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Hi Scorpio,

I'm not sure if I clearly understand you, but from what you say, I gather that you are referring to hyperpigmentation, and brown spots as scars?

If that is the case then you don't need to worry. These are not scars. They take time but will eventually heal themselves. However I read somewhere on the board that you can speed the process by trying the scotch tape approach.

There are also other products out there such as AHA products and copper peptides but I really can't recommend because I don't know whether or not they are effective.

Check out :


Someone else has written about this there.

And if you really want to see the derm, then book yourself in.....I know it's going against your mum, but in the end its you that has to deal with it, not her. Try to explain that to her.


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Guest Tracy


This stuff sounds really promising. I'm feeling you on the frustration lack of self esteem. This acne, scarring, and hyperpigmentation is wreaking havoc on my emotions.....

I think I'm gonna purchase the sample size next week. I've tried EVERYTHING ELSE!! Why not one more product.

Check it out and tell me what you think & keep your chin up, kid.


Mandelic Marine Complex

50200 NuCèlle 3 Mandelic Serum 10% 2 oz $30.00

50515 NuCèlle 3 Mandelic Serum 15% 2 oz $36.00

60355 NuCèlle 3 Mandelic 15% Serum 20 ml $10.00 Sample Size


Or--here's a site where it's a larger package size (4 oz) and appears the same price as the one from NuCelle directly..........


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Hey Tracey... can I get something with Mandelic acid at a store that I can go to?? It seems promising, especially for Brown skin people like me. As I have to rely on my parents... for some strange reason they don't like ordering stuff off the internet.... Sheesh... they always have to be so difficult.... they won't bring me to a derm because THEY don't have the money... plus THEY don't like ordering stuff off the net because they beleive they won't get their product. Either way I am going to have to rely on something that can be bought at a store and I don't think they sell Mandelic acid products in stores do they?? :evil:

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Guest Tracy

Hey Scorpio,

No, I don't think they sell these products at a store......maybe you can talk them into the $10 sample size......that's not too terribly expensive. Sorry.

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There is many things you can buy cheaply (and not nessesary online) that may help you. I don't think, however, you will find particularly useful products in fancy packaging and backed up with a multi-million dollar advertising campaign with models poncing around pretending they have perfect skin due to said product(s). Presumably because they don't have any money left to spend on decent ingredients?! hehe

Some suggestions...


Use as an exfoliant when you wash your face, a little sugar (half teaspoon) in your hand with a little water. Be gentle so you don't scratch your face.


Diluted lemon juice is a good cleanser and over time (a long time) it will lighten the skin (and in turn help fade marks)

Manuka Honey

This is very anti-bacterial and is useful for spot treating active acne and recent scars. You must buy "active" manuka honey. They normally have an activity labelled on them eg. UMF 10 or UMF 15+


People have found (diluted) vinegar useful for acne scars (and to a lesser extend acne). I prefer organic apple cider vinegar that is "raw" (undistilled / unpasturized).

Bentonite Clay & Vinegar Mask

A deep pore cleansing mask (I use twice weekly). Mix 1 teaspoon of bentonite clay with same amount of vinegar. Mix into a paste, add more vinegar until you have a nice consistancy. The fumes from this mask may sting the eyes when you apply it, so try slices of cucumber over the eyes while its on. Leave it on for abot half an hour.

Emu Oil

The best moisturizer for almost all those with acne. Promotes healing and can help stop breakouts, in addition to moisturising the skin.


Just using normally gift wrapping tape to remove dead skin from the face

So there we go, all stuff you can do that you will find in your kitchen (or your health food store). I discovered a number of the things above from this board, so if you run a search you should find related threads :evil:

Maybe it would be useful to completely change your skincare routine, and just try natural products, like those above, for a month. It may well be that skincare products off the shelf with 100s of ingredients in them do more damage then good.

It's always a case of trial and error. The important thing is to decide on a regimen and stick to it for at least 1.5months, you cannot know how well it's working any earlier than this (this is something I have a problem with as I always want to try the latest thing, hehe).

Good luck :D

Let me know how you get on if you try any of the things above.

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You most likely won't find a "good" product for your problem in a drugstore or OTC. You're going to have to make your mother understand how much distress this is causing you and get to a derm that does cosmetic procedures. Not a normal derm, cause they deal more with active acne than the after effects (hyperpigmentation) or go to an esthetician. I'm brown skin also, and had a real bad breakout last summer and my face hasn't improved much even with all the money i've spent at the esthetician cause they are so accustom to dealing with white/lighter complexions, that they aren't using strong enough treatment for my dark marks. You being in the States (i'm assuming) have way more options than me and you should look into them.

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