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Doing another peel tonight...

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Well I'm about to do a peel but I'm not sure if I should do it or not because I have two reasons :

seeing plastic surgeon tomorrow at 10 and he may (mostlikely not but) do something to my face tomorrow


I have small dry spots where the redmarks are.

I really need to do it though.

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How many peels do u do a week?? It just seems that everyday u post about being burned by a peel. Obviously u need a break from these peels, and if your gonna see a doctor, leave em alone. By the way, how are your 3 mild red marks doing??

I did it and left it on for like 2.5 mins, 3 at most. And afterwards washed it off with extremely cold water, then applied baking soda for 1 min and then took a shower and cleansed, since I've applied the baking soda to neutrilize it, it's been stinging, I do not want to look in mirror. Anyways my face stings, and on a scale of 1-10, 10 meaning severe, it's stinging is like 4/10. I applied aloe vera over it and then in 5 mins will apply my cream for burns (just incase). It's weeping a bit. Will this leave gigantic scabs or just dry skin, when will this take form?

I just checked, your last peel, it was oct.23 at 50%, are you serious. Less than 5 days ago, now your planing another peel, its no wonder your burning yourself. 50% twice a week is just crazy, soon you'll wind up seeing your own flesh.

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Guest LDanielle


or at least don't put it on dry spots. but this is probably too late.

edit: these peels (at least for me) make my face look worse and different to normal for a day or two anyway, and you should go see the surgeon with your skin how it normally looks so LEAVE IT!

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Yeah I'm going to leave it, Danielle thanks for the words, my mom now hides the acid from me every Friday but I always get it out of her, but today I won't try, need to see the surgeon how I am.

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